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  • Tribute to Devotees We Lost During Pandemic

    ISKCON Devotee Care and GBC SPT extend their heartfelt condolences to the families of the departed devotees

  • Girl in a Coma Singer Nina Diaz' Spiritual Makeover

    “When I got my japa [meditation] beads I was still smoking, and I just told myself, ‘I don’t want to smoke with my bead bag,’” she said. “It’s like having your child in your arms and smoking in its face. So since then, I haven’t been smoking, and I had been smoking a lot, like a pack a day.”

  • The Hare Krishna People

    An archival film about the early Hare Krishna movement from Yadubara and Vishakha prabhus.

  • Spiritual Teacher Hospitalized After Brain Hemorrhage

    Vishnupriya Dasi, wife of ISKCON guru Sankarsana Dasa, has been hospitalized after a subarachnoidal brain hemorrhage.

    It was October 3rd. A quiet, peaceful morning at the ISKCON temple in Copenhagen, Denmark, gave way to panic when Vishnupriya, who was leading the morning prayers, felt weak and sank to the floor.