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  • ISKCON North America Releases Statement on Domestic Abuse

    “Sadly, our ISKCON society is not immune to domestic abuse. Sometimes devotees believe that domestic abuse is tolerated within our society. Thus, the NA GBC determined it necessary to make a clear, strong statement that domestic abuse is never acceptable.”

  • ISKCON Statement on Domestic Abuse--Appendices

    Domestic abuse is defined as a pattern of emotional, mental, or physical abuse that is used by one person in a relationship/marriage to control an intimate partner.

  • ISKCON Statement on Domestic Abuse

    Domestic abuse (sometimes referred to as domestic violence) is a serious global problem within society-at-large. Most domestic abuse (about 85%) is perpetrated by men against women, in the role of a husband or intimate partner. In America, 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic abuse in their lives.