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  • ISKCON 50 Plans Ramp Up in the UK, Worldwide

    In the UK, an avalanche of major, inspirational events for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary are being planned throughout the year 2016.

  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron Celebrates ISKCON's 50th Anniversary

    A historic day celebrating ISKCON's 50th anniversary with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who performed the ground breaking ceremony for Bhaktivedanta Manor's new Shri Krishna Haveli.

  • London Celebrates ISKCON 50

    ISKCON of Soho St, London and Bhaktivedanta Manor have been setting the standard and celebrating ISKCON 50 in style this July – the month when in 1966 Srila Prabhupada incorporated his society. On Saturday July 2nd, performing arts group “Something Spiritual” put on “Departing for the West,” a spectacular production depicting the life and struggles of Srila Prabhupada with a cast and crew of sixty-five young people at Harrow Arts Centre.

  • ISKCON Leicester to Reveal Working Temple for 50th Anniversary

    Four years after acquisition, ISKCON Leicester will finally reveal major renovation to the City Centre building, allowing it to be finally used as a temple, this Saturday 30th July 2016. 

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