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Articles tagged as False-ego

  • Individual and Social Growth

    We all wish to grow both individually and socially. Unfortunately, we sometimes adopt unwittingly an approach that backfires on both fronts.

  • How to Avoid the Blame Game

    We all get caught up in it. It’s a tendency that begins in our early childhood. It’s almost a spontaneous reaction. When someone points out our mistake, we react and respond by deflecting it onto someone or something else.

  • Full Of It

    The desire for respect and recognition runs deep. They say that at the age of 20 we are extremely worried about what people think of us, by the time we reach 40 we don't really care anymore, and eventually when we reach 60 we realise nobody was thinking about us anyway!

  • Obstacles in Spiritual Life: Attachment to Positions

    A caricature by ISKCON devotee artist Akrishna Das, Budapest, Hungary.

  • Playing God or Playing with God?
    Be it attempts to create artificial rains or create artificial life, modern technology frequently aims to bend nature to human will. This desire is essentially the desire to play God, because God is the controller of nature, not man.
  • The Barking Dog of the False Ego
    Our ego is one of the most intimidating and inscrutable realities we face in our lives. Countless philosophers, spiritualists, seekers and armchair prognosticators have tried to define its parameters and its meaning to our existence.
  • Fake Guru Makes True Movie
    Vikram is an American of Indian parentage who knew a little about religion, Hinduism and yoga. He wanted to see how readily he would be accepted by spiritual seekers if he adopted the appearance, speech and mannerisms of a ‘guru.’
  • Center of Attention
    As a traveling monk you have to keep your philosophical boxing gloves at the ready. Recently, someone quite bluntly told me they had serious issues with Krishna’s personality! There were some serious doubts here - the person had painted a picture of God as an attention-seeking ego-maniac! I was slightly taken aback, but tried to dig a little deeper.
  • The Bhagavad Gita and the Problem of the Ego
    I first encountered the concept of the ego explicitly mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, India's classic text on yoga and spiritual wisdom. According to the Gita, there is a fundamental difference between "real" ego and what it defines as the "false" ego.