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Articles tagged as Faultfinding

  • Words Shape Worlds – Watch Your Words

    Effective communication is not easy. Communication doesn’t happen merely by our sending the right message – it happens when our message is rightly understood.

  • How to Avoid the Blame Game

    We all get caught up in it. It’s a tendency that begins in our early childhood. It’s almost a spontaneous reaction. When someone points out our mistake, we react and respond by deflecting it onto someone or something else.

  • Why Do We Criticize Others
    Our original nature, the pure self, uncontaminated by material energy, is free from the propensity to criticize or find fault with others. What causes faultfinding then?
  • Serving Krishna by Keeping Out of His Business
    Faultfinding comes easy for most of us; it gives a much-craved boost to our false ego by making us feel superior to the faulty.