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Articles tagged as Green-energy

  • Meet the Vegan Saudi Prince Who's Turning the Lights on in Jordan

    “Climate change and the unjustified consumption of energy are two of the most serious issues we face today at the macro-level.”

  • Green, Righteous and Dead?

    Thirty years ago no one gave a damn. You could gum up a river with factory sludge, chop down rain forests wholesale, spray fluorocarbons into the air like a kid sprinkling confetti , and non one would say boo. No longer. 

  • Saranagati’s Govardhana Academy Wins B.C. Green Games

    Students at ISKCON Saranagati, Canada, have topped the British Columbia Green Games winners’ lists in both the secondary and elementary school categories this year. The Green Games are run by a Vancouver center that promotes science education. To enter, students had to create and submit a photo essay, video project or website that showed an environmental action project their school had undertaken.

  • Forever Green

    Students of the Govardhana Academy in Saranagati, an off-the-grid Krishna conscious village in B.C., Canada, have topped the B.C. Green Games winners’ lists in both the secondary and elementary school categories this year.

  • France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels

    France mandates that all new buildings that are built in commercial zones in France must be partially covered in either plants or solar panels.

  • D.C. Gardener Encourages City Temples to Go Green
    As environmentally-friendly living becomes more and more of a concern in a modern society where Earth’s resources are fast running out, ISKCON has an increasing responsibility to set a good example.
  • New Vrindaban: Green Wheeling Initiative Gains Momentum
    The Green Wheeling Initiative began informally in 2010. Today it’s a grassroots organization comprised of educators, farmers, entrepreneurs, and professionals dedicated to strengthening the local food supply in the Wheeling area.
  • Tech Conversion: India's Richest Shrine Goes Green

    Between 50-100,000 people visit this temple every day. This puts enormous pressure on water, electricity and other energy resources. Now the temple is using its religious influence and economic might to change the way energy is used here.

  • Hindu Groups Agree To Address Climate Change
    National Hindu groups in India have pledged to make addressing environmental damage a top priority. “Weʼre not asking people to do anything new. Weʼre simply encouraging them to re-learn the teachings of the past; to re-examine the principles and practices their forefathers lived by – whatever their religious background.”