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Articles tagged as Green

  • ISKCON Receives Prestigious ‘Green’ Award in India

    ISKCON’s two projects, the Govardhan Eco-village and the Chowpatty Mandir in Mumbai have achieved the Platinum level IGBC green certification.

  • 21 African Countries Are Joining Together to Build a 4,750-mile Wall of Trees

    Nearly two dozen African nations are now committed to build and maintain the “Great Green Wall,” a chain of forests and woodlands spreading across the entire continent.

  • Govardana Academy Students Win Prize in Sustainability Contest

    Govardhana Academy, located at the Saranagati Farm Community in British Columbia (BC), Canada, recently participated in their third year of the BC Green Games - a province wide competition to promote sustainability in schools. One of the biggest challenges of farming at Saranagati is their short growing season. With a self-heated greenhouse, they intend to grow food year-round. Using money from a previous grant award, the materials were purchased and the students and their community teamed up to bring the design to reality.

  • Green Living City - Rotterdam

    With Green Living City the innovator Broekbakema (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) states that intensifying the existing city can only be accomplished by building it vertically instead of the common breadth expansion of cities. The Green Living City is literally developed in the vertical direction by stacking a mix of functions, including the public space.

  • Bhumi Project Encourages Hindus Worldwide to Go Green
    The Bhumi Project, a new effort led by Radhanath Swami disciple Gopal-lila Das, is attempting to bring together Hindu communities — including Vaishnavas and ISKCON devotees — for environmental action.
  • Here Comes the Sun: White House to Go Solar
    Solar power is coming to President Barack Obama's house. The most famous residence in America plans to install solar panels atop the White House's living quarters.
  • Florida Krishna Lunch Program to Compost All Waste
    The Krishna Lunch program, which serves thousands of vegetarian meals on the University of Florida campus each week,has announced a pilot project to collect all its waste for composting.
  • Walmart’s Journey to Sustainability
    Walmart, with headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, is the major force in global retail. Net sales for their last fiscal year topped $405 billion, with international net sales exceeding $100 billion.
  • Largest Janmastami Festival Outside India Goes Green
    The forthcoming Janmastami Festival [birth celebration of Lord Krishna] at the Bhaktivedanta Manor near Watford [UK] is the largest of its kind outside India and is set to not only be one of the most colourful but the primary colour this year is green.

    This year the organisers want to highlight to festival goers the need to be aware of their responsibility to mother earth.