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  • Sex – ISKCON’s Hot Potato Issue

    The Grihastha Vision Team surveyed couples and individuals in ISKCON to ascertain some of the greatest challenges in their marriages. Two top challenges emerged: 1. Lack of emotional and/or physical intimacy;

  • Happy Couples, Healthy Families, Strong ISKCON

    In April and May 2015, Grihastha Vision Team  (GVT) members, Uttama dasi and Partha das spent 5 weeks in Brazil, offering seminars, workshops, retreats, individual couple education and mentor training in various cities across Brazil. The Brazilian centers are developing a devotee care initiative, and one of the many aspects is to try to assist members to have better marital relationships.     

  • Devotee Couples to “Tune-Up” Their Marriages at Gita Nagari Retreat

    Twenty-six married couples have been invited to participate in the Grihasta Vision Team’s first ever Couples’ Retreat, entitled “We’re In This Together,” from June 7th to 9th this summer.