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  • A Unique New Song “Sound Is The Weapon Of The Revolution” by The Hanumen Has Been Released

    "This song is perhaps best described as a revolutionary bhakti journey on wings of orchestral and choral Hindustani and Reggae chanting with incredible world percussion and an occasional tip of the artistic hat to Bollywood," Vishvambhar explains.

  • Sita's Fire!

    The Sita's Fire Book Launch - a thematic and multi-disciplinary performance, including dance, kirtan, original songs, theater, art, and readings by the author. Check out Book One, "Shadows of the Sun Dynasty."

  • Sita Ram - Live Bhajan with The Hanumen
  • The Hanumen: A CD Review

    When I first heard the Hanumen at the famous Menla Mountain Resort in Phoenicia, New York, I was taken by the fact that they sat in a circle, and concentrically around them sat the audience. Attendees were almost indistinguishable from the band

  • The Hanumen Come Jumping In, Set the Music World Ablaze

    They describe the group as an experiment in musical interfaith dialogue. “Each Hanumen member has his own perspective, and we’re coming together and using music as an opportunity to explore our own faith in connection with others,” Gaura Vani says.