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  • Entrance to Eternity

    A beautiful video about Mayapur dhama.

  • Entrance Into Eternity - Sri Mayapur Dham

    A beautiful video by 

  • Mayapur Tourism Launched Improved Website

    Mayapur Tourism, ISKCON Mayapur’s travels and tours division, has announced the launching of its improved website www.visitmayapur.comSri Mayapur is the birthplace of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu- the most merciful form of Lord Krishna who distributed love to even the most fallen through the chanting of the Holy Names.

  • Chandan Yatra - The Festival of the Hot Season

    Chandan Yatra at Krishna-Balaram temple in Vrindavan. Chandan Yatra is a festival which is being celebrated during the hot season. Temple Deities all over the India are being covered with sandal wood paste known for it's cooling effect. This video brings you both the festival atmosphere and the sneak view of the preparation behind the altar curtain. For more videos visit us at

  • A Day In Vrindavan

    A video by Bhava Films. 

  • 100,000 Attend 40th Anniversary of Krishna Balarama Temple

    100,000 visitors from all over the world took part in Krishna Balarama Mandir’s week-long 40th anniversary celebrations from March 23rd to 29th in Vrindavana, India. The mood of the festival was both epic and sweet, recalling Srila Prabhupada’s ten-year struggle to establish a temple in the sacred village where Lord Krishna grew up, and his victory upon Krishna Balarama Mandir’s grand opening festival in April 1975.

  • Living the Dream

    There seems to be a tension between comfort and aspiration in our lives. We seek to explore, to grow, to achieve, yet we also desire security, safety and certainty. It’s clear, however, that we often have to sacrifice one to get the other.

  • Good Old Days

    "After a lifetime of jobs, family, responsibilities and social interaction, they live as lone mendicants in this holy land, probably with a vow to never leave."