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Articles tagged as Honesty

  • The Best Policy

    One of the biggest criteria for deepening our spirituality is the strength to be open and honest. Instead, however, we are often closed and pretentious. In the name of saving our face, we kill our soul.

  • Don't Just Stand, Take A Stand

    We live amidst a culture of violence and indifference. Some people resort to violence at even the slightest provocation and others often just stand by, watching indifferently the victimization of another living human being.. This prevailing culture of violence and indifference can make us apathetic, unless we ourselves are targeted.

  • Words Shape Worlds – Watch Your Words

    Effective communication is not easy. Communication doesn’t happen merely by our sending the right message – it happens when our message is rightly understood.

  • How to Avoid the Blame Game

    We all get caught up in it. It’s a tendency that begins in our early childhood. It’s almost a spontaneous reaction. When someone points out our mistake, we react and respond by deflecting it onto someone or something else.

  • Donations Pour in for Homeless Man Who Turned in Cash

    A homeless man in Boston finds a backpack containing more than $42,000 in cash and traveler’s checks, so he flags down a police car and turns the pack in.