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Articles tagged as Human

  • Drutakarma Das Working on New Book About Extreme Human Antiquity

    The book, Drutakarma says, “Is composed of new cases of archeological evidence that are consistent with Vedic and Puranic accounts of very ancient human presence on this planet.”

  • France's Policy Against "Sects" Disavowed by the Council of Europe

    The Resolution expresses concern about abuses against minors, but also recommends respecting the families' rights to freedom of religion. 

  • Stand Up For Your Real Rights

    The Middle East has been receiving much Western attention of late. Now of course it is Syria, but not long ago it was Egypt where a similar furore arose during the much touted ‘Arab Spring’.

  • Dare To Be Special

    The impenetrable shell of the tortoise, the breathtaking swiftness of the leopard, the incredible color-changing ability of the chameleon: the variety in nature is amazing. Compared to these animals, humans have no extraordinary ability; their bodies are soft and vulnerable, they can do little to camouflage themselves when in danger. And yet humans stand far above all other species.

  • Love Is Not Love
    Perhaps one of the most poignant sufferings in society is the failure of human relationships. All around us we can all see so many examples of strained and collapsed relationships, possibly even in our own lives.
  • Human Rights Day 2010 and ISKCON
    For those of you would keep track of such things, last week’s celebration of Human Rights Day in Reno, Nevada was another indication of the growing acceptance of Vedic Culture around the world.