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  • ISKCON Represents Hinduism at Global Interfaith Event

    Madhusmita Das, represented ISKCON at the global interfaith convention was held in the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, on August 5th, 2021. 

  • Community Activism on the Bayou for Mother Earth

    Reflections from an interfaith event on the bayou on Akshya Tritiya

  • ISKCON Leader to Offer Prayer at Official US Presidential Inauguration

    Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON’s Minister of Communications, will join with Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Native Americans, and representatives of other faith traditions in a Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service that includes prayers, readings, hymns and blessings. 

  • The Vatican's Message for Deepavali

    Christians and Hindus:Rekindling Positivity and Hope during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond.

  • World Council of Churches Greets Hindus on Diwali

    "The WCC recalls with gratitude the partnership we have enjoyed with our Hindu partners in the pursuit of justice and peace."

  • Narada Das Explains “We Are Not the Body” to 135,000 BBC Radio Bristol Listeners

    Narada Das (Nathan Hartley) appeared on the BBC’s regional Bristol radio station to share a spiritual message of equality with 135,000 listeners on February 20th, quoting the Bhagavad-gita and Srila Prabhupada.

  • Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue in India Explores “Surrender and Social Engagement”

    The ISKCON Communications Ministry hosted the Fifth Annual Vaishnava Christian Dialogue in India, December 16-18. The Dialogue is part of a global effort by the Ministry to promote understanding between members of ISKCON and other major religious communities.  

  • ISKCON Leicester to Host First Interfaith Film Festival for the City

    ISKCON Leicester is hosting Leicester’s (UK) first Inter Faith Film Festival to coincide with Inter Faith Week 2019  between 11-15 November 2019. The screenings will be at the Presentation Suite, of the City Hall from 6pm till 9pm each day.

  • Bhaktimarga Swami Praises St. Francis at Interfaith Event

    The event took place at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, a Catholic Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Held on October 4th– the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi – it honored the saint with the theme “Instruments of Peace,” a phrase from his famous prayer.

  • ISKCON Devotee Nominated Co-Chair of UN Multifaith Advisory Council

    Gopal Lila Das (Gopal Patel) is Director of the Bhumi Project, an environmental effort of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. He also co-leads The Sacred Ecology Forum at the Bhakti Center in New York City, and is an advisor to the Climate Action Task Force at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

  • Interfaith Dialogue-2019 at ISKCON Rohini, Delhi

    The program, which was conceived and initiated by Keshav Murari Das, Temple President ISKCON Rohini, saw participation of various spiritual leaders from different faiths and communities, who shared their views and realization on the Holy Name as per their practice and faith. 

  • Dancing With God

    What a relief to know that the very same Lord living within our own heart is simultaneously moving in the hearts of all others, guiding, comforting and attracting us all to his eternal dance.  

  • Vedic Federation Strengthens ISKCON’s Position in France

    The Vedic Federation of France, a coalition of Indian-origin religious denominations and spiritual movements including ISKCON, is presenting one united voice to the French government and thus strengthening ISKCON’s position in France, where it has long been treated as a cult.

  • Devotees Distribute Prasadam at Mosque During Ramadan in Florence, Italy

    “I have a long-standing friendship with Imam Izzeddin Elzir, Parabhakti dasa says, and when this year he invited us to participate in their prayer I thought it was a special occasion, during it something special have to be done."

  • Interfaith Vaishnava and Muslim Couple Featured in Essence Magazine

    Essence magazine, a lifestyle monthly for African American women, has featured husband and wife Krsnanandini Devi Dasi, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, and her husband Tariq Saleem Ziyad, an Orthodox Muslim, in their April 2019 issue. The magazine has a circulation of 1.6 million readers.

  • Gainesville Krishna House Devotees Share With Other Faiths at “Progressive Dinner”

    Participating were about seventy congregation members – many of them young students – as well as pastors from the Catholic, Quaker, LDS and Wesley United Methodist churches, the Jewish campus organization Hillel, and of course Krishna House. 

  • ISKCON Members Participate in Parliament of the World’s Religions

    Nearly 10,000 delegates from 80 countries attended the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions from November 1stto 7thin Toronto, Canada. They represented nearly 200 religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions, comprising the single largest interfaith gathering in the world.

  • ISKCON Member Selected as KAICIID International Fellow

    ISKCON India’s Director of Communications, Yudhistir Govinda Das, was earlier this month chosen by the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) as one of its twenty International Fellows for the year 2019, to promote inter-religious dialogue with the aim of preventing and resolving conflicts.

  • ISKCON New Vrindaban Reaches Out to Jewish Community

    On October 27, ISKCON New Vrindaban devotees in West Virginia heard of the horrific mass shooting at the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, a 90-minute drive away from their idyllic rural community. Jaya Krishna Das, the Temple President of ISKCON New Vrindaban, wrote a heart-warming condolence letter to the Tree of Life Synagogue and the Jewish community, which was noted by the Intelligencer newspaper of Pennsylvania. 

  • Parliament of the World’s Religions 2018

    The Parliament of the World’s Religions, the largest global interfaith gathering, will be held in Toronto from November 1 – 7  in Toronto, Canada. The gathering will welcome close to 10,000 delegates from 80 countries, representing nearly 200 religious, spiritual, and Indigenous traditions.

  • The Vatican’s Message for Diwali

    The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has sent a Diwali message for Hindus all over the world entitled as Christians and Hindus: In Defense of the Vulnerable of Society.

  • Communications Minister is Distinguished Speaker at Religious Freedom Event in Washington, D.C.

    On May 8, 2018, the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI) held a policy briefing on Capitol Hill with government leaders, academics, and experts on religious freedom issues, including ISKCON’s Minister of Communications, Anuttama Dasa.  

  • Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue Held in Temple for the First Time

    Until now, dialogues in Washington D.C. have been held in neutral, non-religious spots such as retreat centers and community halls. But with such deep friendships and trust built up over the years, the dialogue was held last year at a Catholic monastery, and this year – for the very first time – at an ISKCON temple. 

  • European Religious Leaders Hold Annual Conference and Visit Krishna Temple in Budapest, Hungary

    The main topic and the title of the conference was “The Role of Multi-religious Cooperation in Social Cohesion and Human Security.As part of the program, on May 7th the European religous leaders visited the Hare Krishna Temple in Budapest.

  • ISKCON Representatives Promote Religious Freedom and Dialogue in South Asia

    Around fifty spiritual leaders, lawyers, civil society leaders, government officials and scholars attended the meeting.

  • Hindu-Catholic Dialogue Discusses Love of God and One’s Neighbor

    Around 125 people from both traditions attended the third annual Hindu-Catholic Dialogue, held at the Shiva Vishnu temple in suburban Washington D.C. on Saturday November 11th.Participants included Catholic bishops, priests and several dozen Catholic laypeople. From the Hindu community, there were leaders from local Hindu temples, along with a number of congregational members

  • ISKCON Participates in Inaugurating Indo-Iranian Interfaith Dialogue

    Over two hundred guests including spiritual leaders, scholars, university students and journalists came together last week at the India International Center in New Delhi to participate in the inaugural session of a two day dialogue between spiritual leaders and scholars from India and Iran on the theme of “Spirituality in Hinduism and Islam”.

  • ISKCON Hosts Interfaith Day of Prayer for Harvey Victims

    In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s unprecedented flooding and devastation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed Sunday, Sept 3rd as a Day of Prayer in Texas—which happened to coincide with the birth anniversary of Bhaktivinoda Thakur, a 19th century Vaishnava Hindu saint and theologian who envisioned people from all nations coming together harmoniously through the blissful chanting of the holy names of God.

  • Transit Point

    Regardless the politicians' agenda or the prevailing public opinion, in democracy, everyone has the freedom to follow their OWN moral compasses. A short film about aid workers of different spiritual backrounds, who, despite the hostile public environment, provided help to hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing Hungary in 2015.

  • The Golden Rule

    Many faiths share a common belief in treating others the way you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is something we can all agree on. A video by FaithCounts.

  • German Interfaith Dialog Asks ‘Do Religions Cause Peace or War?’

    An interreligious dialog, held in ISKCON Germany/Austria’s headquarters near Frankfurt from April 21st to 23rd, will discuss the very topical question, ‘Religion: Peacemaker or Cause of War?” This will be the third annual such event organized by ISKCON and Religions for Peace, the largest international coalition of world religion representatives dedicated to promoting peace. About 100 people will attend this April’s event

  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 10/08/2016.

  • ISKCON Hungary Organizes Interfaith FFL on UN World Food Day

    On October 16th the United Nations and the world celebrates World Food Day. ISKCON Hungary organized a major free food distribution event to the needy in Budapest. Volunteers of different faith groups worked together and distributed 1,600 plates of hot lunch, and gave out tons of dry food, including pasta, flour, vegetable oil, rice and other items from which families can cook from for weeks.

  • Religious and Political Leaders Appreciate Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON at 50th Anniversary Gala in Washington D.C.

    Over 300 people attended the Gala event, seventy-five of them special VIP invitees including religious leaders, media, government representatives and political leaders. 

  • 15 Years After 9/11, Are Congregations Prepared for Disasters?

    In late August, as the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks loomed, religious leaders tuned into a webinar to prepare themselves for a possible future disaster.

  • East Meets West: Interfaith Event at Princeton University

    Princeton scholar Dr. Cornel West and Radhanath Swami, a spiritual teacher, activist and author, in a discussion titled "East Meets West: A Dialogue Between Cornel West and Radhanath Swami". Tuesday, April 19, 2011 in Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall.

  • Bhakti in the Christian and Vaishnava Traditions: A 50 Anniversary Event at the UK

     As a part of Incorporation Day celebrations, the Bhaktivedanta Manor hosted esteemed members of various religious organisations for a discussion about devotion (bhakti) in Vaishnavism and Christianity.  On July 14th, individuals from BAPS Swaminarayan, the Interfaith Network UK, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and various churches from around the region, gathered at Srila Prabhupada theatre to hear guest speakers Rev Kumar Rajagopalan, from the London Baptist Association and Saunaka Rsi Das from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

  • Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hare Krishnas Defend New Jersey Mosque

    Nearly 20 diverse civil rights and religious groups today asked a court to support a community of Muslims in New Jersey who have been trying to build a house of worship for almost a decade.

  • Understanding God Through the Faith of Another - by Rukmini Walker

    Prayers can bind us not only to a higher power but to one another as well. Rukmini Walker points out powerful prayers from the Bhagavad-Gita reinforcing acts of humanity and loving-kindness. The video has been produced by Karuna Produsction ( and broadcast by Odyssey Networks (

  • Pope Claims All Religions Worship Same God

    Michael Snyder reports, A new video has just been released in which Pope Francis very clearly expresses his belief that all of the major religions are different paths to the same God. He says that while people from various global faiths may be “seeking God or meeting God in different ways” that it is important to keep in mind that “we are all children of God”.

  • Muslim Student Wins First Prize in Gita Contest in Kohalpur, India

    ISKCON have been conducting Gita Talent Search (GTS) exam every year in different cities. This year, a Muslim student from Radhabai Shinde English Medium School, Mehboob Kalawant bagged the first prize. According to his parents, during the period he was preparing for this exam and studying the Gita, he stayed away from non-vegetarian food.

  • Taking Christ out of Christmas

    Those who recognise that the same God is being worshipped, despite the differences in names used by the worshippers, will acknowledge  and appreciate the paths of everyone, giving them freedom to express their deepest feelings of faith.

  • Krsnadasa Kaviraja Das Speaks at Interfaith Conference in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

    On November 21st, 2015 about 200 people braved the winter conditions to come to an interfaith meeting organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jam'at Canada. The theme was God: Fact or Fiction? There were four speakers: a Baptist minister, an atheist, an Ahmadiyya Muslim representative, and ISKCON member Krsnadasa Kaviraja dasa.

  • Fighting Ignorance Through Friendship

    November 2015 will be a month remembered in worry and fear for Muslims all over Europe, after the Paris attacks, yet again marked the tensions their religious community faces in Europe and the rest of the world. Just a week before the attacks, from Oct. 26 – Nov 2nd, youth from all over Europe were building a network of peace and connection at the Religions for Peace Interfaith Youth Conference, in San Gandolfo Italy. 

  • What are Three Hare Krishna Doing at the Vatican?

    By Rome Reports.

  • Vatican Emissary Sends Divali Message of Goodwill

    Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, drafted a message to Hindu communities world-wide on the occasion of Diwali, or Deepavali. Cardinal Tauran led the Catholic delegation to the first Hindu-Catholic Dialogue in the United States. Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON's Minister of Communications represented ISKCON at that historic event. 

  • Hindu Catholic Relations Promoted at Washington, D.C. Event

    Most significantly for ISKCON members, Vatican Council II redefined how the Catholic Church sees and engages with the non-Catholic religious traditions. 

  • Do We All Worship the Same God?

    I would like to think so. Something tells me that heaven isn't divided up into a Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish heaven.

  • UC Irvine Students Try 'Speedfaithing'

    Students have 10 minutes to discuss the essentials of Catholicism, Islam, the Mormon Church and even atheism.

  • ISKCON Participates in Interfaith Community and Police Retreat in New York

    Participants were requested to present their international perspectives on Police Community Relations with the aim of preserving religious freedom and community safety comparing Community-Police relations across cities.

  • Rambhoru Dasi Finds Spiritual Fulfillment as Interfaith Chaplain

    In 1999, when Rambhoru Dasi moved back to her native USA after nearly thirty years of traveling and spreading Krishna consciousness around the world, her goal was to create a career through which she could support her family.

  • One But Different...

    The Bhagavad-gita explains how the various traditions all stem from a divine source, and all offer the potential of spiritual elevation. How can we overlook striking contradictions in the various historical and cultural accounts? Could this be a naive ‘new age’ attempt to avoid confrontation and create ‘peace, love and unity’?

  • Interfaith: Journey To The Greatness Within

    A video by

    Human beings must find a common ground if our battles are ever to end. Remarkably, that common ground lies at the very heart of the spiritual traditions that currently divide us. By observing the testimonies of individuals across time, distance, and religious tradition, we see that we are all on the same journey to awaken the soul. The essence of this journey has been described the same way time and again over millennia, revealing there is just one seeker and just one search leading to the discovery of just one sacred.

    The clearer the truth of our common spiritual bond, the greater the possibility of a new understanding that can help heal our planet. The OneJourney Project aims to spread this important message worldwide. Other interfaith and peace organizations are joining this effort, and a portion of the author and publisher proceeds from this book are being donated to a wide range of nonprofit groups.

  • Odyssey Covers the Interfaith Embrace of Occupy Wall Street

    Over 260 diverse faith communities and leaders have now signed on to a statement of solidarity with the "spirit" of Occupy Wall Street, girding the month-old movement with a "moral and spiritual statement in support of a new democratic energy," according to Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, Sr. Minister at Judson Memorial Church.

  • Jesus, the Vaishnavas, and the Spirit of Understanding

    Sometimes – but only sometimes – I like to think my interfaith credentials are all in order. I mean, as a Vaishnava I regard all religions as paths towards the same supreme Godhead. Religion is one, but the ways we do it – and the outfits we do it in – are many.

    God Himself says this in the Bhagavad-gita. (That’s not the Vaishnava God as distinct from the Christian or Jewish God, but the one and only original creator and supreme person.) God says that “All are on my path, and as they surrender to me, I reward them accordingly.” That always sounded pretty fair to me.

  • Phoenix Hare Krishnas Attend Intercultural Dialogue

    Members of ISKCON Phoenix were invited to the Fifth Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner in downtown Phoenix, Arizona this October. The devotees were allotted a VIP table next to the podium at the event, which was held in Hyaat’s Regency Hotel.

  • Non-Christians Learn Sunday School Value

    If you think Sunday school is just for Christians, think again. Each Sunday morning, thousands of children show up in classrooms at houses of worship across the Washington area. But instead of learning about Jesus Christ, the Trinity and stories from the New Testament, they study the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and the Torah. They learn about Indian culture, memorize Arabic or Hebrew, or explore an atheist path to ethical living.

  • Vedic Recitations in a Christian Church on Thanksgiving

    Recitations from ancient Sanskrit scriptures will reverberate in a Christian church in Nevada on the occasion of coming Thanksgiving eve service.