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  • Happy Gaura Purnima! - The Joy of Devotion Film Released for Free, Worldwide

    In celebration of the auspicious day of Gaura Purnima, now, 'The Joy of Devotion' film, produced by ISKCON Communications Ministry, has been released on YouTube, and available worldwide for everyone to enjoy for free.

  • Festival of Joy to Share India’s Spiritual Culture with City of Dallas

    Previously, Rathayatra in Dallas was a small scale affair, with ISKCON Dallas devotees pulling Lord Jagannath’s chariot through their local neighborhood. But last Spring saw them partner with the Dallas Arts District to put on “Festival of Joy,” a major cultural event for the entire Dallas area.

  • Sparking Joy

    Unless we are on a total media fast, we have likely heard of the notion of tidying our home with the KonMari method of asking the question of our belongings - ‘does this spark joy for me?’. If not, we thank it for being in our life and bid it farewell. What’s powerful about this is the experience of personalism.

  • Losing Sensual Pleasure – Losing Spiritual Pleasure

    We don’t like to lose things. If a choice entails some loss, we recoil from it. Such recoiling can make us miss out on choices that involve initial losses but lead to eventual gains.

  • Hour-long Version of ‘The Joy of Devotion’ Film Released

    To make the ISKCON50 film more suitable for educational purposes and special events, the filmmakers have released a hour-long version of the documentary feature.

  • ISKCON Dallas Partners with Arts District for ‘Festival of Joy’

    As an official Dallas Arts District event, Festival of Joy will be advertised on all Arts District websites, email lists, newsletters and Facebook pages. The Festival is also partnering with Fun Asia radio, which reaches 200,000 people, as well as with a number of local yoga centers and businesses.

  • Journey to Everlasting Pleasure Mine

    How beautiful our life would have been if every day would be filled with joy and just joy! When in life there would not be any fear of calamity, no fear of betrayal, no fear of losing our loved ones. Life with full of hope, full of happiness and no anxiety and no uncertainty.

  • Kirtan Raga: JOY - Album Promo Clip

    “Joy” - KirtanRaga’s first album of live kirtan recordings. Kirtan Raga is an educational project dedicated to sharing knowledge about the philosophy and practice of kirtan. “Joy” is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, and other digital platforms. All profits will be used to fund worldwide promotion of kirtan through website development, publications, events, and educational initiatives.