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  • Grammy-Nominated Jai Uttal Collaborates With ISKCON Devotees on New Album

    Jai Uttal, one of today’s best-loved and most popular kirtan artists, has released his latest album Roots Rock Rama! with Mantralogy, an ISKCON devotee-run record company that has also worked with The Mayapuris, Jahnavi Harrison, Gaura Vani and more.

  • Sacred Sound Festival in Australia

    Over Easter weekend devotees from all over Australia, and beyond, came together at the New Govardhan community to chant and dance in ecstasy to the holy names of the Lord. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Get Ready for Australia’s Biggest Kirtan Retreat

    Just as Europe has Radhadesh Mellows in Belgium, Asia has the Mayapur Kirtan Mela in India, and North America has the Sadhu Sanga Retreat in North Carolina, organizers hope to make Sacred Sound the major kirtan festival for Australia and New Zealand, where devotees can dive deep into the nectar of the Holy Name and recharge their spiritual batteries. Around six to eight hundred devotees from New Zealand, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and along the east coast of Australia are expected over the four-day weekend for this year’s festival. 

  • Japa Retreat 2017 at ISKCON Houston

    Last weekend (March 3-5), 150 devotees from Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Oklahoma City and New Orleans had a joyful and spiritual Japa Retreat (Chanting of Holy Names) with Romapada Swami and Bada Hari Das at Greater Houston area, ISKCON Houston. This Japa Retreat is an annual event and for this year the theme of the Japa Retreat was "Taking Shelter of Holy Name – Saranagati."

  • Kirtan Vancouver Focuses on Non-Sectarian Outreach

    EnChant is Kirtan Vancouver’s “bread and butter,” a kirtan, short talk, and prasadam at a yoga studio every second Saturday that attracts an impressive fifty to seventy people of all ages each time – some from different yoga paths, but many completely new to Eastern spirituality. Once advertised through Facebook,, and physical posters, EnChant is now the most well-known kirtan event in the city, and is spread just by positive word-of-mouth.

  • Mayapuris’ New Album To Have Intriguing Concept

    The Mayapuris were one of the original second generation ISKCON groups to bring Gaudiya Vaishnava kirtan to the forefront of the burgeoning mainstream kirtan scene. Since their debut, others have continued to forge the path, with Madi Das and his Bhakti Without Borders charity album winning a Grammy nomination. Inspired by Madi’s achievement, the Mayapuris hope that with their second album, they can bring kirtan further into the mainstream, to places it hasn’t been before.

  • No, No, They Can't Take That Away from Me

    The drama was all over within 48 hours. Police visits; learning that they’d broken into five other houses the same night; clearing up the mess and discovering much they’d left behind, and a few things lost. I thought about what treasures can never be lost – though the externals of a situation may be shocking or distressing.

  • Agnideva Das' New CD - Review

    “Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna” is an Agnideva tour de force, delivered with inimitable grace and unassailable expertise. A tribute to the great acharyas and Srila Prabhupada, he honors them by working sensitively and cooperatively with mainly second-generation devotees who also show considerable talent and enthusiasm.

  • Jahnavi — Sound of a Sacred River — Documentary Short

    This short film was made in Russia in October 2015, by a small team of filmmakers who are passionate about sharing the culture of bhakti yoga with the world. It was shot on location in Moscow and Sochi, and profiles Jahnavi Harrison, who grew up with bhakti yoga and serves in the capacity of a kirtan (devotional call and response chanting) leader. 

    Producer: Shaktyavesha Avatara dasa
    Director of Photography: Raghunatha Prana dasa
    2nd Camera: Hari Mohini dasi
    Additional Camera: Nityananda Rama dasa
    Postproduction: Tamal Krishna Dasa
    Transport: Alexey Pigurenko

  • Kirtan Fest 2017 at ISKCON of Houston

    To kick off the World Holy Name Week, ISKCON of Houston, Texas, USA, has announced the launch of Kirtan Fest 2017 this upcoming Labor Day weekend (Sat-Mon Sept. 2nd - 4th) at ISKCON’s fabulous new state-of-the-art Houston, Texas temple. This inaugural festival will kick off what will be an exciting, on-going flagship event every year.

  • Hare Krishna... Is Forever!

    A video and music by Dr. Sahadeva Dasa.

  • World Holy Name Week Celebrates ISKCON 50

    World Holy Name Week celebrated the 50th anniversary of ISKCON this year in style, running for closer to two-and-a-half weeks, from July 28th to August 14th. The celebration, organized by Lokanath Swami, Janananda Goswami, and Ekalavya Das, included several key sacred days throughout its run, including the disappearance days of Sri Raghunandana Thakura and Sri Vamsidasa Babaji. Most notably it included the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of ISKCON in New York on July 28th, and the 50th anniversary of the first public Harinam Sankirtan in the Western World, on August 14th.

  • Aindra Dasa - Missed Melody from New Album
  • Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava Dayite - by The Kirtaniyas
  • Radhe Shyam -- Interfaith Kirtan by Sufi Soul & the Kirtaniyas
  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial
  • Jahnavi Harrison & Friends at Wellbeing Festival 2016
  • Kirtan Hits The Stage - Hare Krishna Mantra Meditation

    A video by ENOUGH MAGAZINE (

  • Agnideva Offers Heartfelt New Album for ISKCON 50

    Legendary kirtaniya Agnideva Dasa’s first new album in many years, to be released in January 2017, will be entitled “Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna.” It will sound like “an intimate kirtan with friends,” producers say. Named after one of its tracks – a bhajan Srila Prabhupada wrote aboard the Jaladuta on his way to America – it will be a heartfelt offering to the ISKCON Founder at the end of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary year.

  • Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of First Tompkins Square Park Harinama

    Janananda Goswami led a chanting party from 26 Second Avenue to Tompkins Square Park and around the celebrated Hare Krishna tree to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first public chanting of Hare Krishna there by Srila Prabhupada and his first followers on October 9, 1966. Each Sunday after that original harinama, the early devotees would chant there for 3 hours, thus it was the first regular harinama spot in the Western world. October 9, 2016.

  • Devotees to Hold First Kirtan in Antarctica

    Two intrepid devotee explorers are set to travel to the last frontier, and bring kirtan and Srila Prabhupada’s books to Antarctica – the southernmost and coldest continent in the world. The continent is largely uninhabited and 98 per cent of it is covered by ice, but it does have a tourist season and many international research stations to reach out to. One thing’s for sure – venturing there is a unique offering to Prabhupada for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary.

  • 'Log Off, Plug Out, Tune In' - Kirtan Connections - TEDx Durham University 2016

    In June 2016, devotees were invited to share Kirtan on the Tedx Platform that was being held at Durham University,

  • Amala Harinam's Kirtan at ISKCON Dallas

    A video by:

  • Kirtan Academy - What is Kirtan?

    Kirtan Academy aims to educate individuals in the practice of Kirtan, alongside a Bhakti-Yoga lifestyle. Kirtan Academy trains students in skillful singing and playing of instruments (Mrdanga, Harmonium, Karatals) in the mood of glorifying the Supreme, it will help them develop favorable attitudes for leading or taking part in kirtans. More information:

  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 10/08/2016.

  • Devotees Called Upon to Attend Historic ‘Chant 4 Change’

    Already ISKCON communities in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Alachua, Maine and New York are mobilizing large contingents of devotees to attend what promises to be an historic event this October 8th – Chant 4 Change.Kirtan chanter and organizer Gaura Vani is imploring all devotees from throughout the U.S. and beyond to come en masse and make a powerful statement on a public stage. That statement is that there’s only one way to heal the racism, sexism and terrorism that is currently plaguing the globe – and that is chanting God’s names.

  • CHANT4CHANGE 2016: Lincoln Memorial - Poem by Gaura Vani

    Chant4Change: Lincoln Memorial on October 8th, 2016 - “Raise Your Voice.”

  • Pralad 'n the Chants Mantra Rock Dance Heavy Metal Kirtan

  • Washington to Host Two Major ISKCON 50 Events

    The capital city of the United States will host two major events over the next month celebrating in style and en masse the 50th Anniversary of ISKCON and the power of chanting God’s names to change the world. On September 13, in the Presidential Ballroom of the Capital Hilton Hotel three hundred people will gather for a formal ISKCON 50 Gala Evening. Picking up right where the Gala ends—with kirtan—on Saturday October 8th, the celebration will move just a mile away to the foot of Washington’s famed Lincoln Memorial.

  • Jahnavi Harrison & Friends at Wellbeing Festival 2016
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration at ISKCON Colombia

    Colombia is joining the ISKCON 50 celebrations, which are taking place all around the world. Among many other events, devotees wil holdl a large-scale public festival and a kirtan workshop.

  • Special Month of Activities at ISKCON-London to Celebrate 50th

    On a joint initiative themed “Day of Gratitude”ISKCON-London and the Bhaktivedanta Manor distributeed 5,000 cupcakes to commuters at key locations in central London on July 13th.The grand finale of the month-long celebration will be the Kirtan on the Thames Boat Event on 31st July. This National Signature Event will be a day of chanting, dancing and feasting on a cruise around the famous landmarks of London. 

  • ISKCON 50 Mantra Fest in Argentina Draws Newcomers

    On June 18th, nearly one hundred and sixty yoga teachers attended a Mantra Festival in Buenos Aires in honor of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary. The free cultural event was held at the Valle Tierra yoga center in Palermo, a hip alternative neighborhood of Buenos Aires that is particularly receptive to vegetarianism, yoga and kirtan. The venue was decorated with an ISKCON 50 banner featuring Srila Prabhupada.

  • Sadhu Sanga ISKCON 50 Special Reaches New Heights

    This year saw the Sadhu Sanga Retreat, the biggest ISKCON kirtan event in North America, continue its remarkable growth while offering up something special for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary.  It immerses participants in the Holy Name from morning till night, with an ever-expanding list of senior Vaishnavas guiding them in developing a deeper taste. From an attendance of just 400 when it launched in 2011, this year’s event drew an incredible 1,800.

  • Sadhu Sanga Retreat: Setting The Scene

    The 5th annual Sadha Sanga Retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, USA,  provided a wonderful opportunity for over 2,000 devotees from around the USA to associate through Krsna katha, kirtan and exceptionally wonderful prasadam. 

  • Chant4Change: Lincoln Memorial - Poem by Gaura Vani

    An inspiring video to invite people to Washington DC to the Chant4Change event on October 8th, 2016. 

  • Travelling Kirtan Experience to Teach Skills, Mood

    Since 1995, Manorama Das and his wife Jaya Sri Radhe Dasi of ISKCON Youth Ministry have taken youth on a Krishna conscious festival tour of North America. But this year, they’re changing things up a bit with an innovative new adventure. They’ve partnered up with Janmastami Das and ISKCON Alachua’s new higher education school the Krishna Institute to offer From Your Heart to the World: A Traveling Kirtan Experience.

  • Harinam Creates History in the Middle East

    Harinam Sankirtan or the congregational chanting of the Holy Name, initiated and propagated by Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Himself, continues to be carried out throughout the world with great pomp and splendor. However, the Middle Eastern countries, being slightly sensitive towards religious matters and public display of devotion, had never before witnessed a performance of public Harinam.

  • 50K Chants Campaign Launch
  • Global 50,000 Chants Campaign Launched for ISKCON 50

    The innovative sankirtan outreach project Fortunate People is inviting devotees to post videos of themselves and newcomers chanting the Hare Krishna mantra to its website, with an aim to gather 50,000 chants for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary. Fortunate People is a UK-based project that allows distributors of Prabhupada’s books to keep in touch with people they’ve met on the street.

  • Bhakti Without Borders Producers to Attend Grammys

    Four people are set to represent Bhakti Without Borders, only the third kirtan album ever to be nominated for a Grammy, at the 58th annual Grammy Awards on February 15th. Main artist Madi Das – who duets on the album with eleven Vaishnavi co-vocalists – and producer Dave Stringer will attend as the Grammy nominees. 

  • Radhadesh Mellow Highlights 2016

    A video by Balarama Nityananda.

  • "Soka-nihata-prarthana" by Guna-grahi & Kirtan for the Soul

    A video by Blaiseus. Music by Gunagrahi Das and the Kirtan for the Soul group (Hungary).

  • Who are these Hare Krishna anyway?

    A short video by "Fortunate People" about people appreciating London harinama.

  • ISKCON Kirtan Artists in Top 20 Conscious Albums of the Year

    Four kirtan albums by ISKCON chanters, most of them second-generation devotees, made the Top 20 Conscious Music Albums of 2015 list on Soul Traveller Radio this January. The list, voted for by listeners worldwide, included new age, electronica, and reggae artists, as well as renowned artists from the broader kirtan community such as Dave Stringer, Krishna Das, MC Yogi, and Deva Premal.

  • He Gopinatha - Chakrini Devi Dasi

    A Vedic devotional bhakti art slide show featuring animated graphic artwork depicting the transcendental pastimes of The Supreme Personality Of Godhead Bhagavan Sri Krishna and His eternal Consort Srimati Radharani and the Gopis, The Cowherd Maidens of Vrindavana, The video is set to the prayer "Gopinath" from Kalyana-kalpataru composed by Vaisnava Acharya Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, and performed by Chakrini Devi Dasi.

  • Online Team Films Peoples’ First Time Chanting Hare Krishna

    Fortunate People, an organization that keeps in touch with those who receive Srila Prabhupada’s books on the street, has added an inspirational new feature to its Facebook page: videos of first timers chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. Fortunate People was launched in May 2013 when Shaktyavesha Avatar Das, a London-based book distributor, saw a possible answer to a major problem in ISKCON book distribution – follow-up.

  • Bhakti Without Borders Gets Grammy Nomination

    Bhakti Without Borders, a charity kirtan album featuring mostly second generation ISKCON singers, has been nominated for a Grammy – the biggest music recognition award in the United States. The album has been nominated in the Best New Age Album category, along with four other artists. It’s only the third time a kirtan album has ever been nominated, following Jai Uttal’s “Mondo Rama” in 2004, and Krishna Das’ “Live Ananda” in 2013.

  • Dallas Plans 50 Hours of Kirtan for ISKCON’s 50th

    For the past 7 years, the ISKCON Mandir in Dallas has rung in the new year with an epic community kirtan organized by second-generation devotees.

  • Kirtan Raga: JOY - Album Promo Clip

    “Joy” - KirtanRaga’s first album of live kirtan recordings. Kirtan Raga is an educational project dedicated to sharing knowledge about the philosophy and practice of kirtan. “Joy” is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, and other digital platforms. All profits will be used to fund worldwide promotion of kirtan through website development, publications, events, and educational initiatives.

  • South Korean Kirtan Tour Soothes the Seoul

    Despite its 50-million-strong population and renowned tiger economy – it’s the fifth leading exporter in the world – South Korea has been largely overlooked by ISKCON so far, with just two small preaching centers, and only one difficult-to-understand scientific translation of Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

  • Canada Rugby World Cup Team Visit ISKCON Leicester

    The Canada Rugby World Cup Team attended the ISKCON Leicester Kirtan Fest this Sunday 27th September. The Canadian Team, who are in the UK for the World Cup tournament, were walking through Leicester’s City Centre, when they heard the sound of kirtan coming from the magnificent temple. Ananda Monet was leading a beautiful kirtan.

  • Vancouver Harinama Passes 200 Consecutive Days

    A small yet growing crew of dedicated devotees have been doing Harinama Sankirtana in downtown Vancouver, Canada, for over 200 days in a row now, chanting the Holy Names of God for two hours every week day after work and for three hours on weekends.

  • ISKCON Birmingham Host 8hr Kirtan in Honor of 50th Anniversary Celebrations

    The eight hour kirtan event brought together top kirtaneers from all over country.

  • Kirtan Mela in Moscow

    A kirtan led by Surya Nandini Dasi.

  • Mercy Filled Crescendos at the Moscow Kirtan Mela

    There were three days of unforgettable kirtans that lasted late into the night, hundreds of guests, participants and volunteers. BB Govinda Swami spoke about the importance of sharing the happiness that we experience, as “love should always be shared – such is its free nature. Love cannot be limited, we just need to become the instrument, through which love will flow further and further…”

  • Durban Kirtan Festival Through the Eyes of a 15-year-old

    The walls of the temple in Durban, South Africa vibrated to the sounds of the holy name through a six-hour Kirtan Festival.

  • Mangalacarana - Guna-grahi & Kirtan for the Soul

    Music by Gunagrahi Das, Hungary. A video by Blaiseus.

  • Jahnavi Harrison: Like a River to the Sea

    Credits for album trailer: Video production by Sasha Cherkasov. Music by Jahnavi Harrison. Come Chant with Us!

  • Harinama Ruci Serves the World A Taste of the Holy Names

    In the 16th century, Sri Chaitanya brought about social reform in India by propounding the joyful public chanting of Krishna’s holy names – Harinama Sankirtana -- which inspired love of God and brought about peace. Today, travelling group Harinama Ruci is one of the simplest, most distilled examples of Sri Chaitanya’s message you’re likely to see -- bright, colorful, happy, and always chanting, dancing, and making people smile.

  • The Art of Kirtan and The Human Story Behind Madhava

    Radhika, Madhava's wife tells the human story of an exceptional kirtaniya. 

  • Four Vaishnava Sampradayas Will Join ISKCON to Chant For Change

    ISKCON and the spiritual leaders and members of the four bona fide Vaishnava Sampradayas are set to unite to chant the Holy Names during the international kirtan festival. The aim of the event is to bring together people from various races, faiths and nationalities to chant the Names of God, a process that is common to all faiths of the world.

  • Holy Name Festival Brings Color and Joy to Slovenian Capital

    Over the five days of the fifth annual Holy Name Festival in Ljubljana, from May 28th to June 1st, around 250 devotees from all over Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and other Eastern European countries chanted the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. The festival also brought the joy and color of chanting to the general public.

  • Radha Krishna Records Presents Krishna Culture to the Public at Camden Centre Show

    ISKCON devotee-run company Radha-Krishna Records made Krishna consciousness accessible to a wider audience with its professionally-produced “Contemporary Krishna Culture Showcase” at the Camden Centre in Central London on May 28th. Around 400 people poured in to see the show, which ran from 7:00 to 10:00pm with an intermission at 8:30.

  • Samadhi, A Kirtan Band of Seven - IndieGoGo

    In a dimly lit room, a sweet jazzy chord rings off the strings of a guitar, quickly progressing into a swaying rhythm. A drum pulses in followed by a familiar and warm harmonium. Anchoring both rhythm and melody, an electric bass booms and then a deep, soulful voice starts the invocation, “Nama Om Vishnu Padaya.” In this way, Samadhi ignites another evening of electrifying kirtan. To help Samadhi make the bands debut CD click here:

  • Meditation With a Bang!

    A video by Leigha Speirs-Hutton.

  • Bhakti Without Borders Album to Donate 100% of Profits to Underprivileged Brijabasi Children

    One of the catchiest kirtan albums you're likely to hear, "Bhakti Without Borders" is immaculately produced by Dave Stringer, and features creator Madi Das and eleven Vaishnavi singers including legendary kirtaniyas and new arrivals. The best thing about it? 100% of the proceeds go to Food For Life Vrindavan’s Sandipani Muni Schools.

  • Russia’s Rasikanam Leaves as he Lived -- in Kirtan

    Rasikanam Das, a young Russian kirtaniya who was well known for his dedication to chanting Krishna’s Holy Names, passed away at the age of 32 due to heart trouble after he felt weak while leading a Harinam in the town of Sarapul, Russia. The details of his extraordinary life and passing have just come into ISKCON News through an interview with his widow Narasimhi Dasi.

  • Mangalacarana - Guna-grahi & Kirtan for the Soul

    Music by Gunagrahi Das, New Vraja Dhama, Hungary, video: Blaiseus.

  • Mantra, Sounds into Silence - Teaser Trailer

    Mantra — Sounds into Silence is a feature-length documentary in production that, through the eyes – and ears – of its’ protagonists, explores the new music and social phenomenon of chanting.

  • "Spiritual Pilot" - A Devotional Music Video (Russian)

    This video is featuring Rasika-nam Das, a well-known Russian kirtaniya. Rasika-nam left his body on February 24th, 2015 in Sarapul, Volga region, Russia. He felt unwell during harinam which he was leading, was taken to a hospital and passed away in a few hours.

  • First Ever Moscow Kirtan Mela Inspires Two Thousand

    Moscow’s first ever Kirtan Mela, which ran from Friday January 30th to Sunday February 1st, drew nearly 2,000 devotees from around Russia – and it was a colorfuly uplifting affair on a grand scale. The event was organized by Saraswati Dasi after ISKCON guru Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami, inspired by a “Mantra Yoga” program he attended in Moscow, expressed the desire to participate in more outreach programs there.

  • Grammy Nominee Krishna Das Visits ISKCON Delhi

    Krishna Das or KD as his famously called in the Kirtan and Yoga circles and a Grammy-award nominated singer, visited ISKCON's Glory of India project in New Delhi last week while on a visit to the country's capital. The singer recalled his association with Srila Prabhupada when he would go to join the kirtans at Tompkins Square Park in New York in the late 60's.

  • Launches Drive to Increase Street Chanting

    “What gets measured gets improved,” says Vaisesika Das, quoting leadership expert Robin S. Sharma. “Just by becoming aware of how many times they’re doing it, and how many times others are doing it, devotees will naturally become encouraged to do it more.” The Kirtan Party program isn’t just interested in increasing the quantity of kirtan parties going out, however.

  • North American Leaders Focus on Kirtan, 50th Anniversary, TOVP

    Sixty leaders of ISKCON Temples in North America met in Dallas for four days, to prepare for the upcoming 50th Anniversary of ISKCON in 2016.

  • "Yamuna Puline" by Guna-grahi & Kirtan for the Soul

    Music by Guna-grahi Das (Hungary) and the Kirtan for the Soul team. Video by Balazs Sarudi. 

  • Chilean Kirtan Band Introduces 100 Inmates to Krishna

    Kirtan band Krishna Sambandha were invited to hold a Krishna conscious outreach program for inmates at the San Miguel women’s prison in Santiago, Chile on January 19th. The band plays concerts regularly all over Chile at prestigious theaters, cultural events and massive yoga retreats with audiences of 5,000 to 7,000 people. They also hold programs in hospitals, nursing homes, children’s homes, and of course prisons.

  • Pierre Edel - Jaya Radha Madhava

    Pierre Edel  - vocals, guitars, bass
    Lera Grin  - vocals

  • Chile’s Krishna Sambandha Reconnects Souls Through Kirtan

    The Krishna Sambandha kirtan band from Chile, South America, has a motto that is inspirationally opposite to just about every other music artist out there: “We don’t want fame through music, but we want to make Krishna famous.” The group has the skills to do just that. Formed in 2007 by Sri Bhakti and Visvanath Chakravarti, it now has seven members, each with over ten years’ formal music training.

  • Goloka Party

    Music: S.K.M BEATS - Yuga Dharma (featuring Aindra Dasa). Filmed, edited: Sim

  • Kirtan: Meditation with a Bang

    A short video to give a people a taste of kirtan. For more videos please visit www.enoughmagazine.orgThis video was produced by Bhakti Lounge -

  • Emerald Isle Reveals Kirtan Gem in Gopagana’s “Sixth Rainfall”

    So far, “Sixth Rainfall” has been a hidden kirtan gem, with only a few homemade copies making the rounds amongst its creator’s friends. But the word is starting to spread about the unique project – an epic eight-hour boxset that was born in Gopagana Das’s home studio near the lake island temple of Govindadvipa in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

  • Youth to Celebrate New Year with Brazil Kirtan Fest

    Around 1,000 devotees, including many youth, from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, the U.S., the U.K., and India are expected to celebrate the New Year with the Holy Name during Kirtan Fest at Brazil’s Nova Gokula Dhama from December 31st to January 3rd It is the biggest Vaishnava festival in Latin America.

  • New Meditation App Targeting the Heart

    ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor has just made a meditation app available on iTunes and Playstore. It has been designed for an unfamiliar audience and features Sandipani Muni, Ghanashyam Priya and Jahnavi. It's an honest and free app. After beginning with guided generic meditations it introduces our unique contribution in the section named heart. 

  • Krishna Consciousness Grows in South Korea

    Krishna consciousness continues to spread in one of the last frontiers, South Korea, with Patanjali Muni Das and Prayojana Das recently returning from their third tour of the East Asian country. Former Korean army officer Patanjali Muni spent three years living and teaching Krishna consciousness in his native country in the mid 2000s, and has translated both the Bhagavad-gita As It Is and the Sri Isopanisad for the Korean audience.

  • New Album from Mandali

    You can take kirtan anywhere, and listen any time of day. There are no rules... Mandali is a London based kirtan band. A video by BRR Films.

  • Mississippi Kirtan Mela to Promote Cow Protection

    Seven hundred people including animal lovers, environmentalists, alternative medicine enthusiasts and ISKCON devotees are expected to turn out for this year’s Save The Cow Kirtan Mela at New Talavana, Mississippi from October 24th to 26th. The event will raise awareness for New Talavan’s cow protection program – one of the largest in the US – which has cared for a steady 100 cows or more since 1976.

  • World Harinama Party Induces Subway Riders to Chant Hare Krishna

    Harinamananda Das and the World Harinama Party inspires passengers on a New York City subway to chant Hare Krishna. September 20, 2014.

  • Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh - Kirtan Course 2014
  • 2014 Is World Holy Name Week’s Biggest Success So Far

    World Holy Name Week (WHNW), first established in 2008, has seen its biggest success so far this year. In 2013, around forty-three different ISKCON centers celebrated the week in some capacity with events designed to share, spread and become absorbed in the Holy Name of God. This year, WHNW organizers have already received reports from over fifty ISKCON centers from every continent in the world.

  • ISKCON’s First Systematic Kirtan Course Inspires Transformation

    Eleven select international students immersed themselves full-time in ISKCON’s first systematic kirtan course for nearly two months this summer, at Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesh, Belgium. During this time they studied the theology behind kirtan, the proper mood and way to perform it, and its history and tradition, and took practical lessons in how to skillfully sing and play instruments to glorify the Lord.

  • Kirtan: A New Healing Tool for Veterans?

    Some veterans are discovering that kirtan—a form of chanting from India—is helping them cope with conditions such as PTSD, as well as life back home.

  • Globe Gears Up For World Holy Name Week

    The event was first launched by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission in 1996 as a one-day celebration to commemorate 100 years since ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s birth. It was lengthened to a week-long event in 2008, and has been held every year since. Scheduled for September 5th through 15th this year, WHNW will be packed with sacred Vaishnava holidays.

  • Awakening the Soul: Never Stop Chanting - Dubai

    Surprisingly, in our modern high-paced high-controlled life style the thing that is out of control is our own mind. Though there is a simple process that can help to bring the mind back under control. This 5 min documentary by Syam Gopal Das and Vijay Radhika Dasi is about Awakening the Soul, an event lead by BB Govinda Swami, that delivers such an experience. June 31, 2014, Dubai.

  • NYC’s New Harinama Ashram Brings Maha-Mantra to the Streets

    Today, Ramaraya Das leads parties of twenty-five or more devotees in chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra at Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York City, every day without fail. Hitting the streets from their very own Harinama Ashram, they chant and dance enthusiastically, passing out books by ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada and drawing passersby to join in the fun. But things weren’t always so easy for Ramaraya.

  • New Vrindaban 24 Hour Kirtan Set to “Tattoo Hearts with the Holy Name”

    Today, 24 and 12 hour kirtan festivals seem to be spreading all over the world like wildfire. Devotees are gathering to immerse themselves in the Holy Name every year with events like Kirtan Mela in Mayapur, Germany and Australia; in the UK;  Italy,  Belgium, and several places in the US. But back when the New Vrindaban 24 Hour Kirtan began in West Virginia, it was one of only a small handful of early trendsetters.

  • Sadhu Sanga Retreat North Carolina: Ananta Govinda Bhajan

    In May, a sadhu-sanga festial was held in Art of Living Foundation’s International Meditation Center near  Boone, North Carolina, USA. The retreat lasted for three days and hosted well-known kirtaniyas, and 1400 guests.

  • Many Voices, One Heart: 1400 Devotees Chant At North Carolina Retreat

    It’s almost noon. The organisers Rasika Siromani Devi Dasi, Rama Vijaya Das  and Govinda Charan Das are discussing last minute festival details over breakfast at the registration tables. Just across the street, surrounded by picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, there are around 1400 devotees immersed in chanting the Holy Names. 

  • Kirtan Shakti - The Album

    A musical charity program to help underprivileged girls in Vrindavan.

  • Kirtan Shakti Album to Support Underprivileged Girls in Vrindavana

    The proceeds from a unique new kirtan album, “Kirtan Shakti,” will all go towards educating underprivileged young women at the Sandipani Muni girls’ school in Vrindavana, India -- Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

  • The Yoga of Kirtan

    Sri Chaitanya’s immediate followers, the Six Goswamis of Vrindavan, explained chanting as a yogic science. Based on Sri Chaitanya’s teachings, they brought out the inner meaning.

  • 2014 Kirtan Mela in Tallin, Estonia

    The 3rd Annual Baltic's Kirtana Festival - Kirtana Mela Tallinn 2014 - will take place in Sri Harinam Mandir, Tallinn, Estonia on April 25 - 27th. To register:

  • It Rained Nectar at Mayapur Kirtan Mela

    Golden Gauranga and his dear associates glanced at thousands of devotees with eyes full of compassion. There was love in the air and it seemed like thousands of honey bees had finally found the treasure house of nectar.

  • Mayapur Panchatattva Maha Abhishek 2014

    March 3rd, 2014, marked the anniversary of the installation of the Mayapur Panca Tattva Deities. It was celebrated by a Maha Abishek (bathing ceremony) and hours of chanting in the midst of thousands of Krishna devotees gathered there from every corner of the world.

  • Over 1,000 to Recharge at Sadhu Sanga Retreat

    Around 1,300 devotees from 41 US states will attend this year’s Sadhu Sanga Retreat from May 23rd to 26th over the Memorial Day Weekend. A unique festival, it creates an immersive space for devotees to experience rejuvenating kirtan from morning till night in the company of many senior Vaishnavas who have a deep taste for the Holy Name.

  • Govinda Jaya Jaya - Jahnavi Harrison with Kirtan London

    Mantra Music at one of the biggest London-wide university talent showcases of 2013. Jahnavi Harrison with Tulasi and Nama Rasa Sutaria, Ananda Monet, Namamali Harrison, Jagannatha Suta, and Colin Campbell - filmed by Rajesh Hirani.

  • Now and Then - Sri Prahlada: Sharing a lifetime of Kirtan (2010)

    Sri Prahlada share his thoughs on his lifetime mission of bringing people happiness.

  • Pandava Sena's Retreat 2013

    Senagetaway presents The Kirtan Experience 2013. A trip to Florence, Italy for over 150 students. Here's a teaser video. 
    For info visit

  • Kirtan London Celebrates First Anniversary

    Kirtan London celebrated its first anniversary earlier this month on Saturday October 5th, drawing two hundred people for a special 6 Hour Kirtan from 3pm to 9pm. The organization, which is run by ISKCON devotees from Soho St. and Bhaktivedanta Manor, aims to make kirtan -- the ancient system of call and response prayer -- accessible to all.

  • Why Does Devotion Need to be Exhibited in Public?

    Devotion is an emotion of the heart; why does it need to be exhibited publically, as in street kirtans?

  • Kirtan Academy: A new Adult Educational Program in Mayapur

    Following the success of the Mayapur Kirtan Mela, a “Kirtan Academy” a 3-month series of courses opens in Mayapur in December 2013. The spirit of the academy is one of “living education”. Practice and application of the philosophy are important parts of the curriculum.

  • Latin Grammy Winner Releases Ambitious Orchestral Offering to Srila Prabhupada

    Symphony of the Soul, the new symphonic orchestral album from Latin Grammy Award Winner Havi Das (Ilan Chester), is one of the most ambitious musical projects ever undertaken by an ISKCON devotee.

  • Bada Haridas Goes Back to Basics with Seeking Your Shelter

    Renowned US kirtan singer Bada Haridas, a disciple of  Srila Prabhupada, is well known for combining classical and modern western instrumentation with traditional Vaishnava instruments. His soaring compositions have always been inspirational to devotees around the world.

  • Fun: Gypsy Style Hare Krishna Mahamantra

    Kirtan for Gypsies. Music prayformed by Sadhu Nada. From the album "Chantrika", available on CD or digital download at

    Footage borrowed of Mahavishnu Swami Kirtan at Ratha Yatra at Croome Court Hare Krishna Festival 2nd September 2012

  • When Choirs Sing, Many Hearts Beat As One

    Lifting voices together in praise can be a transcendent experience, unifying a congregation. But is there actually a physical basis for those feelings?

  • Mayapur Mela Has Devotees Diving Deep into Holy Name

    An incredible fifty hours of kirtan from this year’s Kirtan Mela in Mayapur, West Bengal has just been made available for download. Professional audio engineer Ekendra Das has spent over 300 hours editing and mixing the recordings, to create the best quality spiritual listening experience.

  • Stonehenge Draws Thousands for Summer Solstice

    Thousands of revellers gather to celebrate the Summer solstice at Stonehenge, near Salisbury, on Friday, June 21. ISKCON devotees also participated at the event, singing and dancing.

  • Damodardesh Dolphinarium: BB Govinda Swami & Madhava Do Kirtan
  • The Mayapuris - The Kirtan Experience

    A few snippets from the Mayapuri's live in Byron Bay, Australia 2011.

  • Red Rock Rishis' New Music Video on Lord Caitanya

    A brand new music video entitled "Golden Avatar". It is a song off of The Beginning Is Near CD by the Red Rock Rishis. (

    (The Red Rock Rishis kirtan group is looking for an experienced female back-up or lead singer, someone with a young voice, for recording on a new double album CD, to begin recording in the beginning of July. To respond to this request write at

  • Sacred Sounds Spring 2013 at Rutgers University


  • Young Revati Leads Kirtan

    Watch as young Revati leads a truly devotional kirtan along with her father, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits at a yoga retreat at the Bahamas.

  • Kirtan Mela Mayapur 2013 Day 2

    By Nadia Mani Dasi, Tulsi Nadia Harrison, Madhvi Dasi.

  • Kirtan Mela 2013, Mayapur

    Lead singer: Madhava Das.

  • The Birth of Kirtan: A New Book by Ranchor Prime
    The Birth of Kirtan: The Life and Teachings of Chaitanya is the biography of a mystic saint who pioneered devotional yoga (Bhakti) in sixteenth-century India and started the practice of sacred chanting (kirtan) that has now spread around the world.
  • Kirtan London Makes Ancient Chant Accessible and Relevant
    On February 16th, two days after Valentine’s Day, between fifty and one-hundred-and-fifty Londoners will gather to celebrate the loving holiday in a unique way. Entitled “Love Your Soul,” the event will be held in Covent Garden’s beautiful Swiss Church, a sacred space built in the 1850s.
  • Kirtan’s Call-and-response Chanting Draws a Growing Number of Washingtonians
    Sitting on the floor chanting Sanskrit phrases under soft lights isn’t for everyone, but it’s for a lot more people than it was a few decades ago, when Sanskrit chanting was reserved for the Hare Krishna. Demand is suddenly so great that kirtans are being offered at many local studios for yoga, which, like meditation, has become a gateway to the transcendent for millions of secular Americans who still, in some quiet corner, believe in God.
  • Hare Krishna Maha Mantra - Love in Separation by Shyamananda Kirtan Mandali

    Australia's New Govardhana’s recent Holy Name retreat, facilitated by Sacinandana Swami & Madhava Das also marked the ‘Shyamananda Kirtan Mandali’ group's self-titled debut CD launch. The breathtaking album caught the attention of festivalgoers and soon sold out.

    For more information about the group:

  • Madhava: Kirtan Discussions: Australia 2012

    Kirtan artist Madhava spends some time with us during the October 2012 Sacred India Kirtan Fest in Perth, Australia discussing the roots of Kirtan, its external adaptability, and its spiritual significance. He talks about his life in Switzerland and the many countries he's visited, his first meeting in Vrindavan with kirtan legend Aindra Prabhu, and his final moments with Aindra.

  • Toronto’s Kirtan Collective Turns Chanting Into an Art Form
    Nearly 12,000 people viewed and participated in a unique performance art piece by the Kirtan Collective at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche arts festival this year, when downtown Toronto was transformed into a huge art gallery, bringing contemporary art to the masses.
  • Rabbi to the Yogis Chants Shema Yisrael alongside Festival’s Hare Krishnas
    For Rabbi Hahn, “Bhakti Fest allows me to broaden the idea of a congregation. Alongside the swamis and other kirtan artists, I find that I can show just how beautifully Jewish wisdom stands side by side with the other great traditions and holds its own.”
  • Heart of Devotional Music with Karnamrita Dasi

    Karnamrita Dasi performs devotional music from India ~ talks about the deep significance of singing and chanting.

  • The Inauguration of "Kirtan London"
    A short presentation on Kirtan London’s vision and upcoming projects was followed by a talk by special guest, Radhanath Swami. He was introduced by actor and comedian Russell Brand, who had the audience in stitches as he described his conversion from skepticism to spiritual seeker after meeting Radhanath Swami several years ago.
  • BB Govinda Swami Bhajan With the Doneck Symphonic Orchestra
  • Illinois Kirtan Workshop Launches Ambitious Kirtan Education Plan
    Twenty-five devotees from the greater Chicago area and beyond—half of them middle aged, and half youth aged 13 to 22—were excited to see what lay ahead as they applied for the five-day Art of Kirtan workshop at the ISKCON Center in Naperville, Illinois, earlier this month.
  • Transcendental Kirtan Rave at New Vrindavan
    New Vrindavan, the ISKCON farm community in the foothills of West Virginia, USA, hosted its sixth 24 hour kirtan over the weekend of the 16th June. Organised by Mantrology, a cutting edge music organisation, this twice-yearly festival gave participants the opportunity to chant with some of the most gifted mantra musicians in the world.
  • Sacinandana Swami - Kirtan Makes New Impressions

  • Estonia Hosts the First Three-Day Kirtana Mela of the Baltic States
    The first Kirtana Mela of the Baltic states will take place on 13 – 15. of April 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia, in the ISCKON Estonia center Sri Harinam Mandir.
  • 12 Hour Kirtan in Los Angeles

    A video summary of the event by Yasodeva Das.

  • Mayapur Kirtan Mela 2012

    Once, in a holy place in the forest of Naimisāranya, great sages headed by the sage Śaunaka assembled to perform a great thousand-year sacrifice for the satisfaction of the Lord and His devotees.

    In the same mood, modern sages, vaisnava followers of Srila Prabhupada gathered in Germany from Aug 30th to Sept. 4th for an akanda kirtan, in hope of bringing real peace and prosperity to the world having pleased the Lord by chanting his Names. Eight hundred to a thousand devotees committed to a minimum of 8 hours a day of chanting, thereby creating an atmosphere that is better felt than described. There were an additional 6000 to 7500 views on Mayapur TV daily, often with over 500 viewers at one time, many using the chat to express both their chanting and their joy. It was an ecstatic experience that kept many awake transcending their respective time zones.

    As far as Mayapur kirtan culture, it was Tamal Krishna Goswami's strong desire to see it be revived in Mayapur. He took it upon himself starting with kirtans in his room and later moving into the temple room. The first day of the 1st Mayapur Kirtan Mela, February 22nd, is dedicated to his memory. Since his departure devotees have kept the tradition under the banner of Holy Name Abhiseka during the first days of the Mayapur Gaur Purnima Festival. This year the evenings of Holy Name Abhiseka have expanded into 4 -12 hour kirtan days.

    Mayapur, being the center of the Sankirtan movement, its birth place hosts such a mela between February 22-25, 2012.

    On this video Indradyumna Swami leads the kirtan on Day 2.

  • Grammy Nominee Releases A Kirtan Album Just for Kids
    With kirtan, the ancient call-and-response style of chanting God’s names, growing more and more popular all over North America and the world, kids are now getting their very own kirtan album.
  • Brazil Is Getting Ready For The Biggest Kirtan In Latin America's History
    Between November 11th and 15th, taking advantage of a national holiday, Nova Gokula, the biggest Hare Krsna rural community of Latin America, will have the honor to host a 48 hours Kirtana, the biggest one ever done in the continent.
  • Vermont Psychiatric Hospital Welcomes “Kirtan Therapy”

    Lugging along their varied collection of instruments, kirtan group the Hanumen followed their tour organizer Jennifer Canfield into the grim building, and down a long corridor lined with barred windows.

  • Germany Hosts the World’s First Four-Day Kirtana Mela
    Today, possibly more than ever before in ISKCON’s history, kirtana—the ancient call and response chanting of God’s names—has become a major focus. Devotees in Germany headed by Sachinandana Swami and local GBC Dina Sharana Dasi hope to take this focus to a new level: they have invited 1,000 devotees from all over the world for four days of uninterrupted kirtana.
  • Kirtan Mela in Germany
    ISKCON Germany wishes to take the world of kirtan to the first international, 6-day, all-kirtan Mela, the biggest international kirtan event ever. Many expert kirtaniyas have been invited. Among many others Sacinandana Swami, Niranjana Swami and Govinda Swami have confirmed their participation.
  • First 24hr Kirtana in Florence, Italy
    In june, Villa Vrindavana (Florence, Italy), will hold its first 24hours kirtan entitled "Sravanam Kirtanam: keep your faith alive by hearing and singing".
  • Kirtan Artists to Play at SXSW Rock Festival in Austin, Texas
    Artists from Mantralogy, the ISKCON second-generation-run ‘Mantra Music’ imprint of rock label Equal Vision Records, will be adding a more soothing option for music fans at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest music festival this March.
  • Divine Names Retreat in Radhadesh, Belgium
    In 2011, the Divine Names Retreat in Radhadesh will be held from April 22nd-28th. There is an additional "Building the Retreat Culture through a Teacher Training Program," which will be held for one day, on April 29th.
  • Phoenix Krishna Temple Chants Over 1 Million Names
    The devotees and members of the Phoenix (Arizona, USA) temple held a Harinam mantra group meditation on New Year's day.The enthusiasm for the chanting of the Mahamantra kept increasing throughout the day. By the end of the day 1,415,232 names of the Lord had been chanted, by 143 participants.
  • KulimeLA 2009: Bhajan Kutir – Listen & Download Digital Recordings

    In anticipation of the upcoming Kulimela Australia festival, the KM09: Bhajan Kutir CDs - Volumes 1, 2 & 3 are now available for complimentary listening and downloading.

  • ISKCON Devotees Contribute to Bhakti Fest 2010
    From September 9th to 12th this year ISKCON devotees pulled their weight by contributing to the performances and infrastructure at Bhakti Fest, a huge new draw for the increasingly popular U.S. kirtan yoga community.
  • The 24th Anniversary Of The 24 Hour Kirtan
    Sunday marked the festival of Vijay Dasami, a festival to celebrate Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana. But the devotees at ISKCON Vrindavan had one more reason to celebrate -- the 24th anniversary of inception the 24 hour kirtan program.
  • Grassroots Harinama Revolution Takes off in Australia
    Since the passing of Aindra Dasa earlier this year, many second generation Australian devotees seem to have taken up the karatals and added fuel to the fire of the kirtan revolution.
  • Walking On The Waters Of Faith
    The year is 1925; the time 1:00 am. Niagara Falls has frozen over. The silence is so deafening that thousands have to see what`s up. The roar has ceased, and the people must discover what`s gone wrong. No sound! Sound. Love or hate it, it`s all around.
  • Youth Take Charge of Long Kirtans in Brazil
    Every now and then the question arises: “where are the youths of ISKCON?”. During mangal arotiks or Srimad Bhagavatam classes is not easy to find Vaishnavas from the second or third generations. Nevertheless, as soon as the kirtan starts, groups of teenager devotees gather to listen, dance, play mrdanga and even to lead the chant. 

  • Prema Hara: Distributing Divine Love of Kirtan
    Released on March 3rd, Prema Hara’s debut album, “Sweet Surrender,” is almost achingly beautiful. The soaring male and female vocals interlace with dazzling artistry, and draw spiritual emotion from the listener.
  • Kirtana Prevails At Krsna's Village of Peace
    Kirtana leaders from around the world descended upon the Polish Woodstock as Krsna's Village of Peace graced the festival for the 15th Year. ISKCON`s annual presence at the festival has become known worldwide as one of ISKCON`s largest outreach festivals in Europe.
  • Aindra Dasa: Living Still in Sound
    Summer 1973, 8am, in Washington, DC. A young fellow Eddie—better known all over the world as Aindra Dasa—joins the harinam party and from that day on, he never stopped chanting Hare Krishna.
  • In Loving Memory of Aindra Das
    Aindra had complete conviction. Conviction that Vrindavan was the highest spiritual abode. Conviction that kirtan was no ordinary music - it was the divine name, descended from above, non-different from Radha and Krishna. He had no interest to be anywhere else or do anything else. He was convinced that by sitting in that spot he could change the world through his song.
  • Aindra Das Passes Away In Vrindavan

    In a shocking and saddening turn of events, world-famous kirtaniya and beloved Krishna devotee Aindra Dasa was found to have passed away on the morning of Saturday, July 17 in Vrindavana. Initial reports suggest that Aindra may have passed away due to an accidental gas leak in his room.

  • Mantra Meditation On Washington`s National Mall
    Watch out kirtaniyas! The attractive power of musical chanting may soon be rivaled by those hankering to understand the benefits of chanting on beads.
 On July 4th, during the Krishna Festival of India on the National Mall in Washington, DC, congregational members of the local Hare Krishna temple set up a tent under a large canopy called "Mantra Meditation.
  • Kirtana Festival Birmingham, England
    Messages swirl around the Internet. "You have an event invite on Facebook!" One message simply reads "Whatever you do, make sure you are free this weekend! "
  • 1,000 Allahabad Inmates Chant Holy Name of Krishna
    ISKCON Allahabad had organized a program at the Naini Central Jail. It began with the chanting of the Mahamantra, in which nearly a thousand prisoners, along with prison keepers and officers took part, blissfully singing and dancing.
  • June 19: 24-Hour Kirtan & West Virginia Day in New Vrindavan
    On June 19, New Vrindaban will host a 24-hour kirtan, and will offer discounted admission to Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold for participants of West Virginia Day.
  • The Mayapuris Beat the Drum for Kirtan
    Bursting onto the scene only last year and already being hailed as “the young tigers of kirtan” by such luminaries as grammy-award winner Jai Uttal, The Mayapuris are releasing their debut album “Mridanga” this June 22nd.
  • 'Ecstatic Chant' Fills the Hills of Upstate New York
    Yogis and kirtan enthusiasts congregated at the Omega Institute in upstate New York as it held its ‘Ecstatic Chant’ festival from May 7th to 9th.
  • Devotees Pray for Yamuna’s Future With Global Kirtan
    Over one hundred locations around the world--ISKCON temples and centers, home programs, yoga studios, and sanga groups--will participate in a synchronized 24-hour prayer for the future of the sacred Yamuna River this January 30th.
  • How Fortunate We Are to Have Seen It!
    “Over my dead body!” screamed the woman over the telephone. As I entered the office I could hear every word she was saying to Nandini dasi: “Never! I’ll never rent my school to you people! Not in a million years!” With that, she hung up.
  • Montenegro Hosts First Ever Chanting Party
    The Sri Sri Nitai Gaurachandra Harinama Tour has just wrapped up its 2009 leg after holding eighty-five Harinamas, or chanting performances, in over fifty-five Eastern European cities. The tour has visited countries and islands along the Adriatic Sea every year since 2003, and has grown from a humble start into a travelling Festival of India with audiences of over half a million people.
  • International Kirtan Artists Tour India
    American musician Gaura Vani is practicing with a motley group of musicians: Bramhachari Ananta Nitai on vocals, Krishna followers Adinath and Bhakth Gaurang on the tabla and Mridangam, faded jeans and sneaker-clad Karan on bass guitar, Florida girl Rupa Manjari on piano, Briton Jhanvi on violin, Prabhu Gaurang on bansuri and Rupa Manjari on vocals. As they croon "Govinda, Gopala", Gaura suddenly says, "Next time, let's chill on that melody. Take it cool guys!"
  • Penn State University's Vedic Society Hosts Spiritual Yoga
    Even students who know about yoga's stretches and exercises may not know how to relax their minds through the power of chant. The Penn State Vedic Society presented "Yoga of Sound Vibrations," a venue of call-and-response chanting, in the Paul Robeson Cultural Center's Heritage Hall on Wednesday.
  • One Billion Names to be Chanted for “World Holy Name Week”

    This September 4th will be the 50th anniversary of ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada’s taking sannyasa, the renounced order of Vaishnavism. And ISKCON devotees will be celebrating it in exactly the way he would want them to—by drenching the globe in God’s holy names. Spanning nine days from September 2nd to 11th, World Holy Name Week 2009 will be run by a team of global coordinators including Lokanatha Swami, Jananananda Goswami, Ekalavya Dasa, and new member Rama Prasad Dasa.

  • Sunshine Brings Crowds to England's Manor for Janmastami

    This September 4th will be the 50th anniversary of ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada’s taking sannyasa, the renounced order of Vaishnavism. And ISKCON devotees will be celebrating it in exactly the way he would want them to—by drenching the globe in God’s holy names. Spanning nine days from September 2nd to 11th, World Holy Name Week 2009 will be run by a team of global coordinators including Lokanatha Swami, Jananananda Goswami, Ekalavya Dasa, and new member Rama Prasad Dasa.

  • Hare Krishna Chant Brings Relief From Drought

    ISKCON devotees in Jalandhar, Punjab made the news on Sunday June 28 when they announced plans to hold a 12-hour chanting marathon in hopes that Lord Krishna would be pleased and send rain. India is currently dealing with a rain deficit 85 per cent below normal, with monsoons being delayed as much as one month. This means no livelihood for the roughly 600 million Indians supporting themselves off of the land, especially since irrigation is a luxury for most farmers.

  • Third Annual 24-Hour Chant Held in West Virginia Hills

    June 20, New Vrindaban, West Virginia – This weekend sees devotees and guests from all over North America and the world pour into ISKCON’s New Vrindaban community for the third annual 24 Hour Kirtan Festival, a celebration of India’s ancient practice of call and response chanting.

    The event is modeled after the original 24 Hour Kirtan in Vrindaban, India. First launched in 1975, the program faded away three years later, but was revived in 1986 by Srila Prabhupada disciple Aindra Dasa. Since then, devotees at ISKCON’s Krishna Balaram Mandir have chanted God’s names non-stop—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Hindus Ask for 'Kirtan' Grammy

    Hindus have called for introduction of “kirtan” as new field of awards at famed Grammys to be held at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on January 31 next. Last Grammys were awarded in 110 music categories, covering 32 fields, including Pop, Rock, Rap, Country, New Age, Gospel, Jazz, Folk, World Music, Latin, Reggae, Blues, etc., for outstanding achievements.

  • Lord Caitanya and the Renaissance of Devotion (Part 2)
    Kṛṣṇa’s appearance as Lord Caitanya is really Kṛṣṇa’s own tribute and testament to the overwhelming attractiveness of pure devotional service and, especially, of His pure devotee. Moreover, when Kṛṣṇa assumes the features of His own greatest devotee, He has, in fact, a particular devotee in mind: His highest and most intimate devotee. Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī.
  • Kirtans, Questions, and Mixed Emotions

    The good news: Kirtan, it seems, has finally hit the American mainstream. In the lead story of Wednesday’s New York Times Fashion & Style section, “Yoga Enthusiasts Hear the Call of Kirtan,” Times reporter Sara Eckel gives an overwhelmingly positive – albeit cheeky – glimpse into the practice of meditative call-and-response chanting. Festive, enjoyable, soothing, even relatively inexpensive – kirtan sounds like a pretty good deal in our troubled, stress-filled times.

  • Yoga Enthusiasts Hear the Call of Kirtan
    ON one of her regular visits to New York from Virginia, Christine Breighner told Rebecca Damon, a longtime friend, that she didn’t want to visit the tourist sites she’d seen before. She wanted to extend her horizons beyond the latest Broadway show or exhibit at the Met. Not too long before, Ms. Damon had received a brochure advertising a call-and-response chanting session called kirtan after a yoga class. Now she passed it along.
  • Taiwan: 'The Magic of Sound' Tour Well Attended

    His Holiness Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami and a three piece devotional band toured in the northern and central part of Taiwan for a week last December.

    ISKCON Taiwan's Bhakti-yoga Cultural Center organized the tour entitled "The Magic of Sound" to promote kirtan yoga in Taiwan. The band successfully performed seven times in various venues and in front different types of audiences.

  • Chanting-4-Change In the Nation’s Capital: A Full Report
    What do yoga, spiritual music, and Hare Krishna have to do with Barack Obama? At first blush, not a whole lot. Sure, Obama carried around a Hanuman trinket for some time, as indicated by Time Magazine. But there's no direct evidence -- as far as we know -- that our new president has a penchant for boogying down with eastern rhythms.
  • 'Japathon' Spreads Across the USA

    Towards the end of 1997, Ananta Rupa Dasa, president of the ISKCON Boise, Idaho, USA center, came up with an idea to inspire members of his community to chant Krishna's names. Instead of staying up until midnight ushering in the New Year, he held the first Japathon on January 1st, 1998.

  • Washington D.C. Chants for Change
    As Barack Obama begins his first term this January, the world is hoping for change. But on January 19, the night before the inauguration, a group of kirtan singers will bless the event with what they believe is the real solution to all problems, political and otherwise – the holy names of Krishna.
  • Second Generation's Prayer to be Globally Synchronized

    “Kulis” in over 20 locations around the world will be holding a synchronized 24-hour “Global Kirtan” this November 8 and 9. The Kuli Mela Association (KMA), which organizes Kuli Mela and spin-off events, as well as fostering community, family, spirituality, career and empowerment for ISKCON’s second generation, will be orchestrating the event. will host a live webcast from locations in Asia, Europe, USA, and the CIS.

  • Chanting Lifts Ludhiana Inmates' Spirits

    On 13 September 2008, devotees from ISKCON center in Ludhiana paid a visit to Central Jail where young men in the age group 18-25 years are imprisoned. This was not the first time that inmates of Central Jail got a chance to free their souls despite being under arrest for various crimes. Devotees regularly visit the Central Jail to engage the prisoners in various devotional activities including meditation through chanting the names of Lord.

  • The Kirtan Book -- Part Two?

    The publication of "The Yoga of Kirtan: Conversations on the Sacred Art of Chanting," while sparking some mild controversy within ISKCON, has enabled me to share our philosophy in venues I wouldn't have previously thought possible. Radio shows ask for interviews, yoga studios and health food stores repeatedly invite me to lecture, to explain "the new phenomenon" known as kirtan, and numerous New Age magazines and yoga journals have either asked me to write feature articles on kirtan or have favorably reviewed the book.

  • Is Madhava the Voice of a New Generation?
    Seeing a big tuft of matted dread-locks erupting from his otherwise shaven head, a sculpted goatee, and a host of piercings and tattoos, you expect Madhava Dasa to be more punk rocker than Hare Krishna chanter. Until, of course, he closes his eyes, opens his mouth, and begins to sing.
  • Childrens' Chanting Party Enlivens Mayapur Residents
    Over two hundred children from the Bhaktivedanta National School in Mayapur, India, held their own congregational chanting parade this August 19th. They were accompanied by school staff members, parents, visiting pilgrims, and members of the local Nagara Sankirtan chanting party.
  • World Holy Name Week

    Annual World Holy Name Day has blossomed into Annual World Holy Name Week.

    This year, we are observing World Holy Name Week:

    September 13 - 21, 2008.

    This 9 period day features several exciting tithis. It starts from a Saturday (Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura — Appearance), and concludes on a Sunday - Srila Prabhupada’s arrival in the USA!

  • Addressing Concerns About the New Kirtan Book
    Although the reaction to my newly published book on kirtan has been overwhelmingly positive, I have received several letters expressing an entirely predictable ISKCON concern. One letter in particular sums up the all-too-conservative reservation: “I love the new book but I wonder about ‘milk touched by the lips of a serpent.’ I refer, of course, to the non-ISKCON people represented in your book. Shouldn’t we only hear from authorized representatives who embody the mood of Lord Chaitanya?”
  • Book Review: The Yoga of Kirtan
    Steven Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa), prolific author and renowned expert on Gaudiya Vaishnavism, has hit new strides with his latest literary offering – a book about kirtan, the sonic form of yogic spirituality. The Yoga of Kirtan is truly a groundbreaking celebration of yogic practice, engaging 21 well-known kirtan singers in conversation – transcribed interviews. Their insights give readers a comprehensive understanding of what chanting actually means, both in terms of practical application and inner development.
  • 24-hour Kirtana Festival Rocks New Vrindavana
    The verdict was unanimous. You could hear it all around: "This is the best festival I've ever been to!" "These kirtans are so ecstatic that I can't believe they're happening!" "I've never felt so enlivened in my whole life!" "I've been dancing for hours and hours, and I don't want to stop!" It was a mass revelation that harinama sankirtan is the safest and most exciting place to be in the world for the hundreds of devotees who descended on New Vrindaban Dham in West Virginia for the 2008 24-Hour Kirtan Festival, recently held on June 21-22, 2008.
  • As Kindred Spirits Bring Pop-Flavored Kirtan to the Masses
    From sitting on his dad’s lap as he sang devotional songs, to studying harmonium and singing in ISKCON’s gurukula schools, kirtan was the only music Gaura Vani Dasa knew as a child. Even later, when he educated himself in modern pop and rock music, paintakingly picking his way through the decades, kirtan remained his one true love.
  • The Yoga of Kirtan: A Conversation with Satyaraja Dasa

    Author and practicing Vaishnava Satyaraja Dasa (Steven J. Rosen) releases his latest book, The Yoga of Kirtan: Conversations on the Sacred Art of Chanting, in early June. He took some time out to chat with ISKCON News staff member Vyenkata Bhatta Dasa about the new book and why kirtan is about transcending barriers.

  • Chanting Concludes Interfaith Response to 9/11
    As Kindred Spirits, a devotional music group based in Washington, D.C., performed traditional devotional songs in front of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in the American Capital at the conclusion of the "Unity Walk," an interfaith march commemorating events of 9/11/2001.
  • Kirtana is 'In'
    Across the globe, in rooms that had been home to hatha-yoga exercises, silent meditation, and perhaps the occasional hushed sounds of “Om”, local musicians, and professional singers like Krishna das and Jai Uttal, are rattling the walls and playing to packed houses with the Vedic art of kirtana.
  • Indradyumna Swami in Kirtan 17 March 2007