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  • Towards Varnashrama Dharma: A Constitution for ISKCON

    One rather awkward problem of today’s times is that of societal organization. There have been considerable difficulties and dissatisfaction in pretty much all societies, whether capitalist, socialist, communist, autocracies, democracies, theocracies or whatever. Nothing seems to be working too well. I think the term that might best describe most of them is ‘muddling along', but many seem to be teetering on the brink of collapse, and some in recent history have already gone down that route.

  • Mahabharata: The Condensed Version Available on Amazon as Free Download

    Torchlight Publishing is happy to announce the release today of a new e-book of the condensed version of the great epic, The Mahabharata by the world renown author Krishna Dharma. Mahabharata: The condensed version of the world’s greatest epic, is now available on As part of the release promotions, the book is free for 3 days from November 6 - 8 inclusive.

  • Spiritual Economics
    As Gandhi said, there is enough for our needs but not for our greed. Are we really taking only what we need? That depends. Those advanced on the spiritual path happily survive with minimal resources. We may not be quite ready for that level of frugality, but we can work towards it by steady spiritual practice.
  • Prepare For Harder Times
    Not many of us can abandon our earthly lot and go to the forests clad in tree bark, as was the practise in ancient days. A lifetime of Tesco and central heating leaves one ill-prepared for such agonies. But any of us can sit down peacefully in Vrindavan or some other sacred site and chant Krishna’s names. A lifestyle that even the meagre state pension could stretch to.
  • Seeing The Spiritual Nature
    It was refreshing when Prince Charles in a recent speech attributed our current environmental crisis to a “deep, inner crisis of the soul.” Suggesting that we were becoming “de-souled” by consumerism, he said that the problems we now face cannot be solved simply by green technology. It required something deeper, a return to spiritual teachings.
  • Sport and the Spiritual
    When we see Wayne Rooney score a brilliant goal from an impossible angle, we admire his skill, and the Bhagavad-gita says that this is a manifestation of God. It is not that Wayne Rooney is himself God, of course, although some may argue the point.