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Articles tagged as Lockdown

  • Poem: Lockdown

    "Almost a year gone |  All personal life perhaps undone | Challenges on all sides | A time like no other"

  • New Book: The Nectar of Lockdown by Niranjana Swami

    In his daily talks in April 2020, Niranjana Swami gives invaluable instructions on keeping Krishna’s holy names prominent in our daily lives and the proper consciousness to develop—not only during the coronavirus lockdown, but also during our continued lockdown in this material world.

  • Restricted Freedom

    We’ve seemingly lost our freedom. But when ‘freedom’ means that everything is so available that we become complacent, what’s the benefit? If ‘restriction’ generates an appreciation and gratitude of what we’ve taken for granted all these years, where’s the loss?

  • Photographer Shares His Experience of Lockdown at Krishna Balaram Mandir

    With the streets outside so quiet, devotees have started to hear birds singing sweetly again, parrots landing on the lower branches of the trees, and peacocks calling.

  • ISKCON India Distributes Over 1 Million Plates of Prasad During COVID-19 Lockdown

    The government began with a quarantine in 79 districts across India recognized as COVID-19 hotspots, before officially locking down the entire nation – 1.3 billion people – on March 23rd in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.