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  • Mayapur Institute - Graduation Ceremony 2010
    February 15th 2010 saw the graduation ceremony for the newest batch of Bhaktisastri students at the Mayapur Institute (MI) Sri Dham Mayapur Campus.
  • Tapping into Sridhama Mayapur's Potency
    In just a few days the Mayapur Institute's Gaura Purnima Courses and the Mayapur Festival will begin. Devotees from around the world will be entering Sridham Mayapur, to access the mercy, spiritual strength and inspiration to continue and expand their services.
  • Disciple Seminar to Standardize Training for New Devotees
    A new seminar, educating prospective initiates on everything they need to know about being a disciple in ISKCON, is in the final stages of development and is expected to be available worldwide by next year.
  • Grand Opening of Mayapur Institute Campus

    First phase of the Mayapur Institute Campus was inaugurated and offered to Srila Prabhupada on 3rd Jul 2017 in the auspicious presence of Jayapataka Swami and many other senior devotees.

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