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  • Caribbean Tour to Inspire Youth in Krishna Consciousness

    For the past twenty-five years, ISKCON Youth Ministry’s Manorama Das and his wife Jaya Sri Radhe Dasi have taken youth on tours across the US, Canada and Mexico, where they spread Krishna consciousness and get inspired themselves in the process. Since 2015, they’ve branched out to tour the Caribbean every two years.

  • Devotees Feed 1,000 Migrants in Juarez Refugee Facility

    “These people have really been to hell and back,” he says. “And I knew it was most likely that they’d never had prasad before in their lives. So it was very gratifying to be able to give prasad to so many people who had never tasted it before," says Abhay Das.

  • The BBT’s Training Program Is Transforming Book Distribution in Latin America

    Since 2007, the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust’s training center for new book distributors – Colegio Bhaktivedanta in Mexico – has been gradually strengthening book distribution culture in Latin America. Now, with visible results all over the continent and two new centers on the way, this innovative idea seems to be reaching its turning point.

  • Mexico City Devotees Feeding 2,500 Earthquake Victims A Day

    As natural disaster after natural disaster continues to pummel the Americas, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca on September 9th. This was followed quickly by a 7.1 quake on September 19th in Mexico City.

  • ISKCON Youth Bus Tour to Mexico

    ISKCON Youth Ministry's Mexico bus tour between December 9, 2016  and January 3, 2017, will be an extraordinary adventure presenting Krishna culture festivals in towns, auditoriums and yoga studios, and visiting pyramids, jungle waterfalls and tropical beaches. "It's a life changing experience," says Manorama dasa, one of the organizers. "The young people who travel with us get a taste for the pioneering spirit of adventure, spreading Krishna consciousness, and will make devotee friends for life."

  • Spanish Language BBT Reprints Bhagavatam, Continues Resurgence

    ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s masterwork the Srimad-Bhagavatam has been reprinted in Spanish after being out of stock for four years, to the delight of the Spanish-speaking world. It’s been a lot of work. Proofreader Gauravani Dasi in Mexico and designer Govinda Damodara Das in Argentina marathoned for sixteen-months nonstop to get the proofs ready.

  • Every Town, Village and Beach: Mexico 2013

    Glimpse into the exciting adventure of the Mexico Bus Tour 2013. 31 youth, 20 days, 14 festivals, 1 bus. Check out our connetcing article:,4700/ 

  • Youth to Make a Difference on Mexico Mission

    Around forty North American youth aged 17 and up will spend this Christmas and New Year’s on the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling 7,000 miles all the way from Alachua, Florida to Cancun, Mexico and back on ISKCON Youth Ministry’s Krishna Culture Tour bus,  they’ll stage festivals and change lives all over Mexico.

  • New Bhaktivedanta College Under Construction in Mexico

    In Cueramaro, North-Central Mexico, ISKCON devotees are using natural brick and plenty of glass to construct a brand new “green” building for their Colegio Bhaktivedanta that will blend into, rather than invade, its natural surroundings. Colegio Bhaktivedanta follows other colleges in Belgium and Hungary named after Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who was renowned for his impact on spiritual education.

  • Graham Hancock's "Quest For The Lost Civilization"

    Graham Hancock's "Quest For The Lost Civilization" (1998)

  • Temple Profile: Mexico City
    ISKCON’s Mexico City temple is one of the society’s treasures, as the current building is the same one that ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada sent his disciple Chitsukhananda to open in 1971. Prabhupada also visited it himself on two occasions, and the room in which he stayed has been kept as a shrine to this day.
  • Krishna Valley Representatives Attend Mexico Climate Summit

    Two devotees from ISKCON Hungary’s non-profit Eco-Valley Foundation (EVF) attended the COP16 Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico from November 29th to December 10th this winter.

  • Seeking God’s Help for a Wounded Gulf
    BON SECOUR, Alabama — In a small white building along the baptizing Bon Secour River, a building that once housed a shrimp-net business, the congregation of the Fishermen Baptist Church gathered for another Sunday service, with the preacher presiding from a pulpit designed to look like a ship captain’s wheel.
  • Mexico Bans Junk Foods in Schools

    Government orders end to fried foods and sweets on school grounds in fight against childhood obesity.

  • ISKCON Temples Safe After Mexico Earthquake
    Devotees were preparing for their weekly Sunday Feast at the ISKCON center in Tijuana, Mexico, when tremors were felt from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck 108 miles away near Mexicali, Baja California.
  • ISKCON Youth go on a Winter Adventure
    This December, while most of us are nursing cups of hot tea and trying to keep warm, a group of intrepid ISKCON youth adventurers will be hitting sunny beaches and exotic locales across Mexico. But theirs is not just any holiday—it’s the fifth annual Kirtan Yoga Festival Tour. Starting life as a Krishna conscious way for youth to get together in between ISKCON Youth Ministry’s longer summer festival tours, this winter excursion has grown into a powerful outreach tool of its own.
  • Mexico Krishna Culture Festival Tour, December 19 - January 4

    Manu and Jaya Radhe of ISKCON Youth Ministry are now accepting applications from youth and young adults for the Krishna Culture Festival Tour through Mexico, December 19, 2008 - January 4, 2009.