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Articles tagged as Motherhood

  • Mothers and Kids

    It is an odd development of the modern world that being excessively anxious about our children is considered a virtue. We consider ourselves good parents if we make life easy for them, reward them for the smallest achievement, and are anxious for their safety and well being at all times.

  • “Mata and Me” Clothing Brings Families Together in the Most Adorable Way

    From the beginning, Ananda-Lila was enchanted by Indian and Vaishnava clothing, and wanted some for her daughters Jamuna, 10, and Tulasi Priya, 2. But she had never been to India, and it was hard to find something comfortable, attractive and natural. So she began designing her own clothes for her children, to match with hers. Others wanted in too, and a unique new company was born. She called it “Mata and Me”.

  • The Unique Connection - Happy Mother's Day!

    As a small experiment of women’s uniqueness and the special bond between a mother and child, we met up with 6 wonderful women, and asked them to let us blindfold their most precious loved ones. Their children!

  • World's Toughest Job

    Celebrating the upcoming Mother's Day.

  • Motherly Love

    It’s easy to take mothers for granted. In an attempt to estimate the monetary value of ‘motherly love’, some researchers spent a week following around one such mother.

  • Tamal Krishna Goswami’s Mother Lore Passes On at 92

    Although ISKCON guru Tamal Krishna Goswami passed away in 2002 at the age of fifty six, his mother Lore Garrick—affectionately known to devotees as “Mother Lore” or to TKG disciples as “Grandma”—outlived him by eleven years. Her life was a fascinating one.

  • My Visit to Mother Isa
    When we arrived at the nursing home, we signed in and were then directed to a place where we could find Mother Isa. I was taken aback by her appearance, but soon remembered that she is now ninety-five years old. Time has a way changing the body's appearance, but as I was soon to observe, it can not take away the essence of the soul's yearning for Krsna.
  • Oscars 2012: Mother Dolores Hart, Former Elvis Co-Star, To Walk Red Carpet In Religious Garments
    Nearly 50 years after leaving Tinseltown to become a cloistered Benedictine nun, Mother Dolores Hart, who starred in films alongside the likes of Elvis Presley and Walter Matthau during her acting career, is returning to Hollywood to appear at the Academy Awards next Sunday. And she'll be wearing her religious habit.
  • Motherly Love
    It’s easy to take mothers for granted. Some researchers recently followed around one such mother for a week in an attempt to estimate the monetary value of her ‘motherly love’. After crunching the numbers, they concluded that to employ such a mother would set you back in the region of £150,000 a year!
  • Mothers Who Fail To Breastfeed Double Their Risk Of Diabetes

    Choosing not to breastfeed your babies can have significant health consequences. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered that mothers who do not breastfeed are twice as likely as mothers who do to get type 2 diabetes.

  • Breastfeeding 'Helps to Boost IQ'
    More evidence is being put forward that breastfed babies eventually become more intelligent than those who are fed with formula milk. Canada's McGill University found breastfed babies ended up performing better in IQ tests by the age of six.