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  • Free Entertainment, Expensive Entanglement

    The worst part of such entanglement is that we don’t even realize we are getting entangled.

  • How Movies Embraced Hinduism (Without You Even Noticing)

    From Interstellar to Batman and Star Wars the venerable religion has been the driving philosophy behind many hit movies. Why?

  • The Long Arm of the Media

    The influence of the media cannot be underestimated in democracies and even in non-democratic regions. Whether we are killed or kissed, the media dominion will have its impact on our lives.

  • Reconnetion: Official Trailer

    An internet person, Sean Fletcher tries to run from a broken relationship by taking a trip to Himalayas, but finds himself stuck in a small Indian town, Vrindavan, that turns out to be an unusual place. A movie by Vrindavan Experience is coming soon.

  • Arjun: The Warrior Prince

    Arjun: The Warrior Prince. A Walt Disney Movie from 2012. In Hindi.

  • The Hare Krishna People

    An archival film about the early Hare Krishna movement from Yadubara and Vishakha prabhus.

  • "GMO A Go Go"

    A new animation film from Infomatic Films has just been launched by Natural News.

    The film was created by Kirk Rutter of Infomatic Films and animated by Paul Davies. Natural News sponsored the film with a financial donation, using funds from sales of products at the Natural News Store.

    The video covers all the basics on GMOs, including how they're engineered, why they kill the things that eat them, and the disastrous health effects they've been linked to in humans. It serves as both a reminder of the facts to those who already know about GMOs as well as a great primer for people new to the subject.

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  • The Women of Bhakti: A Documentary Trailer

  • A Trailer for a New Feature Documentary: Rasa Yatra

    RASA YATRA evokes the beauty of pilgrimage and explores the essence of devotion in Hindu culture through non-linear narrative. Rasa is Sanskrit for 'juice' or 'taste', and it can also mean 'dance'. Yatra means 'journey', suggesting a joyful inner expedition, beyond the confines of routine and conceptual conventions. Photographed over a period of four years, RASA YATRA takes the viewer on a meditative journey from the majestic Himalayan mountains into Vrindavana, the spiritual heart of India. For the receptive viewer, RASA YATRA becomes a pilgrimage rather than a mere depiction of one.

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  • Coming August 3rd to Theaters Worldwide: "Krishna Hey" - The Animation

    "Hey Krishna" ("Krishna Aur Kans" in India) is India's first stereographic 3-D animated feature ever - and it's based entirely on Srila Prabhupada's "Krishna" book. It will be released in many theaters worldwide on the 3rd of August, 2012. It is timed for Janmastami, Krishna`s appearance day.

  • AXED: A Short Film about Mind Control

    An innovative way to share Krishna-conscious philosophy by Mahat Tattva Das.

  • Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home - A Film on Compassion

    To learn more about the film visit:

  • George Harrison: Living in The Material World - A New Scorsese-film Trailer

    The trailer for the new Scorsese film on George Harrison – Living in the Material World – has now been released. The film is coming to HBO October 5 & 6, and will be available on DVD/Blu-ray October 10 from Amazon.

  • Muslims Seek Change In Their Hollywood Story
    After years of watching Muslims portrayed as terrorists in mainstream TV and movies, an advocacy group hopes to change that image by grooming a crop of aspiring Muslim screenwriters who can bring their stories - and perspective - to Hollywood.
  • Odyssey Network Makes Inspirational Videos Available for Cell Phones
    For people wanting to turn a bad day around in just two minutes, now there's an app for that. Call on Faith, just launched by Odyssey Networks, is the first all-video digital source of content that literally puts dynamic inspiration in the palm of the viewers` hand wherever they are, whenever they need it.
  • Who’s the Mother of Magic Realism?
    Few care to realize that there is a reality to ‘other-worldliness’ and that it is not so inaccessible, after all.
  • Tribes of Amazon Find an Ally Out of ‘Avatar’
    Stopping the Belo Monte dam in Brazil has become a fresh personal crusade for James Cameron, the director, who came here as indigenous leaders from 13 tribes held a special council to discuss their last-ditch options.
  • Avatar's Reversal of Fortune
    With the dazzling 3D-vortex of colours, actions and emotions, James Cameron's Avatar seems to have given everyone something to rave about.
  • To Boldly Go Where We’ve All Gone Before

    Star Trek, the franchise that never dies, has, like the vampire, returned among us, this time in a clever “prequel” to the original ’60s space opera TV series. In this, the eleventh of the series-spawned feature films, Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the other starship Enterprise voyagers appear as “sexy young cadets,” as David Hajdu describes them in his illuminating op-ed piece on the “Star Trek” phenomenon in last Sunday’s Times.

  • 'The Love Guru': Lessons for Hindus
    As anyone who has ever told a "How many _____ does it take to change a light bulb?" joke knows, humor can be tricky. Attempting religious humor can be downright dangerous. On the one hand, we fear offending people's cherished beliefs; on the other, spiritual growth seems to necessitate that--from time to time, we all learn to not take ourselves quite so seriously.
  • Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


    This is a clip from the Ben Stein documentary, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed". The goal of the documentary is to expose the scientific community and universities around the world for discriminating against any scientist who wishes to explore the possibility of, "intelligent design," as an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution.

  • Parallel Worlds: Who's the Mother of Magic Realism?
    What do C.S. Lewis, Quentin Tarantino and J.K. Rowling have in common? Maybe nothing, but here's what I think. One, all will have hit the big screen by December 2005; two, all are considered innovators; three, all have written about their characters entering a parallel world.