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Articles tagged as Mridanga

  • Marvelous Mridanga Performance by Young Players of ISKCON Mumbai

    Mridanga (shri khol) performance on the occasion of Bramhostav of Sri Sri Radhagopinath ji (ISKCON Chowpatty) on 17th July 2016. Perfroming Artists: Bhakta Hiren Roz, Shyam Ishwara Dasa, and Bhakta Nitin Jadav

  • The Mayapuris 'Mridanga' Official Music Video

    The Mayapuris 'Mridanga' from their album 'Mridanga'. Featuring The Temple Dancers. Directed by Rasa Acharya and Gaura Vani.

  • The Mayapuris, Mridangum and Mother’s Day: A Divine Experience at ISKCON
    The Mayapuris, a kirtan band, distinguished by their powerful mridangum beats in punk rock style, performed to a packed audience gathered at the temple’s Gauranga Hall in Houston, TX. Dedicating the program to mothers, the Mayapuris sang the kirtan ‘Jai Sri Krishna bolo Jai Radha’ to the delight of the entire audience that joined them in unison.
  • The Mayapuris Beat the Drum for Kirtan
    Bursting onto the scene only last year and already being hailed as “the young tigers of kirtan” by such luminaries as grammy-award winner Jai Uttal, The Mayapuris are releasing their debut album “Mridanga” this June 22nd.
  • Can Our Natural Rhythm Heal Us?

    Could a natural rhythm - which some experts believe we all possess - be a cure for a variety of health problems? Some certainly think so. Musician Simon Lee, from Kent, is called on to teach drumming to patients with problems ranging from addiction to autism, and learning difficulties to mental health issues.