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  • Radha Krishna Records Releases Mantra Lounge Volume 4

    The nine-track album features an incredible lineup of international mantra artists, singing heartfelt and meditative chants for the Lord against a layered soundscape of gorgeous instrumentation. 

  • Madi Das and Dave Stringer to Release New “Country and Eastern” Album

    Lead singer Madi Das and producer Dave Stringer of the 2014 kirtan album Bhakti Without Borders have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new “Country and Eastern” kirtan record.

  • Stirring New Song “When Will I See You Again” Blends Bhajan and Spoken Word

    The epic 9-minute track captures the feeling of hankering after Vrindavan Dhama and devotee association during the pandemic, and the lifelong journey towards giving oneself completely to Lord Krishna.

  • Spiritual Funk Rock Band Supersoul Releases New EP “Rukmini’s Ecstasy”

    It’s not always easy to find rock music that tackles spiritual themes, much less Krishna conscious ones. But Australian alternative funk rock band Supersoul does just that, wrapping deep philosophical concepts in funky rhythm sections, soaring harmonies and ripping guitar solos.

  • Jahnavi Harrison Unveils Captivating New Single “Divine Maha-mantra”

    Jahnavi Harrison released her latest single, “Divine Maha-mantra” on March 28th (Gaura Purnima). This latest offering will be the artist’s 4th single release since her 2015 album Like a River to the Sea.

  • Radha Krishna Records: Mantra Music Sees Upbeat Embellishments

    London's Radha Krishna Records is rejoicing a fruitful year ahead as it flows in to its 12th year as a not-for-profit record label. There is lately a wave of buzzing activity for the label as it introduces Mantra Lounge Volume 4 later this year.

  • A Unique New Song “Sound Is The Weapon Of The Revolution” by The Hanumen Has Been Released

    "This song is perhaps best described as a revolutionary bhakti journey on wings of orchestral and choral Hindustani and Reggae chanting with incredible world percussion and an occasional tip of the artistic hat to Bollywood," Vishvambhar explains.

  • WILLOW And Jahnavi Harrison Release Brand New EP ‘R I S E’ Out Now

    In the search for a deeper connection and inner calm, WILLOW and Jahnavi have combined their musical influences to create a spiritual, meditative and uplifting collection of art.

  • Govinda Priya Releases Uplifting Debut Single “Achyutam: Your Names”

    “At the moment everything is so dull and difficult, and everyone is really struggling,” Govinda Priya says. “So we wanted to offer something uplifting.”

  • Australian Funk Rock Band Supersoul Releases Inspiring EP “He Can Dance”

    As soon as you press play on the title track of Supersoul’s new EP “He Can Dance,” and hear the irresistibly catchy melody, funky rhythms, brass, and smooth harmonies, you’re likely to find that you yourself, and possibly your whole family, can do nothing but dance.

  • Nadiya Mani and Bada Haridas Dedicate New Song to Bhakti Charu Swami

    The deeply moving, soul-stirring track presents the prayer Sri Gurvastakam by Visvanath Chakravarti Thakur in a unique style that combines elements of classical, New Age and meditation music. It has been described by Bada Haridas’ wife Kosarupa Dasi as “pure meditation.”

  • New Album ‘A Surge of Bhakti to the Heart’ Delivers On Title’s Promise

    Evoking a deeply affecting mixture of regret and hope, Gopagana Dasa’s new album “A Surge of Bhakti to the Heart” might be the perfect soundtrack to these difficult times for humanity. 

  • Jahnavi Harrison and Willow Smith Collaborate on New Devotional Song ‘Surrender’

    Kirtan musician, Jahnavi Harrison and popular singer, Willow Smith have teamed up to release a new song entitled ‘Surrender (Krishna Keshava)’. The piece is a rendition of the sacred prayer for protection and shelter purportedly sung by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as he walked the length of India. 

  • First UP Devotional Arts & Film Festival Screens Spiritual Music Videos

    The first annual UP Devotional Arts & Film Festival, which took place on March 8th at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Auditorium in Mayapur, focused on screening music videos by devotee artists from around the world. 

  • Nilambary’s “Eternal Prayers” Is the New Film Score to Your Spiritual Life

    For devotees and spiritual people looking for devotional music in a different genre than kirtan, but just as transformational, Russian husband-and-wife duo Nilambary’s debut album, the lush film-score-like “Eternal Prayers,” could be the answer.

  • Srikala Album “Beautiful Dark Moon” Not Afraid to Show Vulnerable Side

    The third album proper from Srikala – once known as Srikalogy – is a major evolution musically, lyrically and personally for the artist. Released on July 16th, “Beautiful Dark Moon” is an entrancing blend of R&B, hip-hop and world music.

  • The Mayapuris to Release New Album "Nine Islands"

    After their successful debut album “Mrdanga” in 2010, The Mayapuris are about to release their second. The project, titled "Nine Islands", features the Mayapuris' signature sound, carried along the current of their musical evolution as recording artists. 

  • Jayadev Das to Release Dance Album “The Original Superheroes”

    In response to the current superhero craze, the album will be called “The Original Superheroes” and will feature songs about spiritual personalities and role models.

  • Cleaning the Heart: The Life of a Traveling Kirtaniya

    “Let’s go clean the toilets,” said Aindra Das, head of Krishna Balarama Mandir’s 24-Hour Kirtan Mandali in Vrindavana. “It will clean your heart. And when your heart is clean, you can actually chant Hare Krishna.” Eighteen-year-old Madhava Naidoo was taken aback. He was a hotshot mridanga player. He was in the 24 Hour Kirtan. Why should he do something so menial? “No way,” he retorted.

  • Kirtan Sound Engineers Raise Awareness About Harmful Sound Levels

    Sacinandana Swami once joked: “The scriptures predict that as Kali Yuga progresses, devotees will play musical instruments so loud that people will not be able to hear the maha-mantra anymore.” That might make you crack a smile, but the background isn’t so funny.

  • “The Rap of God” Brings the Gita to a Contemporary Audience

    Prabhupada disciple and Gainesville Krishna House leader Kalakantha Das may not be your typical rapper. He is, after all, in his words “a sixty-four-year-old white guy.” But his new book “Bhagavad-gita: The Rap of God” is already getting rave reviews from contemporary audiences. 

  • New Devotional Music Album: The Red Dust of Ekachakra

    Nandapriya Das, born Zaza Ujmajuridze, was born in Tbilisi, Georgia – a country beautifully set between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea with a culture as ancient as its language, came out with his new music album. Besides being a musician, he is a successful oncologist, working in Denmark.

  • EDM Album “Summer Krishna” Dovetails Devotee’s Longtime Dream

    Nearly every track’s lyrics comprise entirely of the Hare Krishna mantra, set to infectious tunes, uplifting beats and synths, and soaring backing vocals. Quite different from the usual big releases from the kirtan world, it’s an attempt by creator Chandrashekhara Acharya Das (Cyril Wohrer) to reach a broader audience and “dovetail” a lifelong dream into service.

  • Tell My Ego – A Tour Around My Conscience with Dhanya

    Her lyrics are like prayers, which, with the aid of her astoundingly beautiful voice, fully capable of capturing the heart - sometimes by stirring it up, other times by pacifying it.

  • Vaiyasaki Kirtan Course to Pack A Year’s Knowledge Into One Week

    Nueva Vrajamandala’s Instituto de Estudios Bhaktivedanta, which is hosting the course, wanted present and future generations of devotees to learn the proper standards of kirtan.

  • Yogesvara Dasa’s George Harrison Tribute Returns to New York

    On January 20th, senior Prabhupada disciple Yogesvara Dasa is bringing “Here Comes the Sun: A Musical and Spiritual Tribute to George Harrison” back to the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. The show is based on Yogesvara’s (Joshua Greene’s) 2006 book Here Comes the Sun, which briefly hit’s bestseller list, and was published in five foreign languages.

  • Havi Das Delivers Krishna Conscious Message at Latin Grammys

    Srila Prabhupada disciple and popular Venezuelan musician Havi Das (Ilan Chester) delivered a deep and powerful Krishna conscious message while receiving a Latin Grammy award recently. The speech and its message of substance, amidst more typical award acceptance fare, was well received by the audience.

  • Second Annual London Mellows Weekend a Resounding Success

    A line-up of accomplished devotional practitioners led an ongoing sequence of kirtan sessions, offering a wholly absorbing and resonant spiritual adventure to all those who were fortunate enough to take part in this well-received event.

  • Latin Recording Academy to Honor Havi Das With Lifetime Achievement Award

    A multi-talented musician, Havi Das – a Srila Prabhupada disciple – is a  highly successful pop and traditional artist in his native Venezuela as well as throughout South America. He grew up listening to Venezuelan folk, Afro-Caribbean dance, British progressive rock, and American R&B, all of which influence his own music.

  • Gaura Karuna - Nathadvara 2.0 (Official Music Video)

    Nathdvara is a place in Rajasthan, Nathdvara 2.0 is a state of mind. It is a combination of old and new. It embraces tradition while being unapologetically progressive. It is simultaneously hip hop and bhajan. It is the future. Music and video by Gaura Karuna Klein. Find out more at

  • Jayadev John Richardson - Beloved

    (J.Richardson - C.Willcox) From the album "Love´s Undying Storm" 1996.

  • Bada Haridas’ New Album Is A Shower of Lord Gauranga’s Mercy

    For decades, Bada Hari has been singing kirtan, teaching others, and mentoring young devotees. And for the past five years, he has been touring non-stop with Indradyumna Swami, averaging 13 countries a year and trying to serve people by connecting them with the Holy Name. Listeners say all this experience, service attitude and austerity can be felt in what some are calling “his finest work to date.”

  • MC Yogi : Forward

    MC Yogi Forward Video filmed by Amanda Giacomini and MC Yogi. Edited by Amanda Giacomini. Music by MC Yogi and Robin Livingston.

  • Anti-stress Mantra With Guitar

    Music and video by Dr. Sahadeva Dasa.

  • Mayapuris’ New Album To Have Intriguing Concept

    The Mayapuris were one of the original second generation ISKCON groups to bring Gaudiya Vaishnava kirtan to the forefront of the burgeoning mainstream kirtan scene. Since their debut, others have continued to forge the path, with Madi Das and his Bhakti Without Borders charity album winning a Grammy nomination. Inspired by Madi’s achievement, the Mayapuris hope that with their second album, they can bring kirtan further into the mainstream, to places it hasn’t been before.

  • Agnideva Das' New CD - Review

    “Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna” is an Agnideva tour de force, delivered with inimitable grace and unassailable expertise. A tribute to the great acharyas and Srila Prabhupada, he honors them by working sensitively and cooperatively with mainly second-generation devotees who also show considerable talent and enthusiasm.

  • Hari Haraye Namah - A Music Video

    This is a traditional Gaudiya Vaisnava song, composed by Srila Narottama Das Thakura. Music and performance by Dr. Sahadeva Das.

  • Agnideva Offers Heartfelt New Album for ISKCON 50

    Legendary kirtaniya Agnideva Dasa’s first new album in many years, to be released in January 2017, will be entitled “Prayer to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna.” It will sound like “an intimate kirtan with friends,” producers say. Named after one of its tracks – a bhajan Srila Prabhupada wrote aboard the Jaladuta on his way to America – it will be a heartfelt offering to the ISKCON Founder at the end of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary year.

  • All Attractive Lord

    A fun music video of devotees seeing Krsna everywhere.

  • Please Remember - Music Video (Sri Isopanisad Mantra 17)

    Music video by Mikey Jay filmed in Sridham Mayapur. Get the full album at

  • ISKCON Kirtan Artists in Top 20 Conscious Albums of the Year

    Four kirtan albums by ISKCON chanters, most of them second-generation devotees, made the Top 20 Conscious Music Albums of 2015 list on Soul Traveller Radio this January. The list, voted for by listeners worldwide, included new age, electronica, and reggae artists, as well as renowned artists from the broader kirtan community such as Dave Stringer, Krishna Das, MC Yogi, and Deva Premal.

  • 'Like A River' by Jahnavi Harrison - Music Video

    Like a River is the title track from the debut album of Jahnavi Harrison, 'Like a River to the Sea', released on July 24th 2015. 
    The track features a refrain from the Govinda Damodara Stotram by medieval saint-poet, Srila Bilvamangala Thakur and is a meditation on protecting sacred environments internally and externally. 

    Written, composed and arranged by Jahnavi Harrison and Gauravani Buchwald.

  • Jahnavi Harrison’s First Album Takes Us On an Introspective Journey

    We’re in a golden age of kirtan albums. The offerings are diverse: In May, Ananda Monet’s Inevitable Time told us the story of the Mahabharat in theatrical, epic style; and Madi’s Bhakti Without Borders stuck in our heads with its catchy pop sensibilities.  Now, Jahnavi Harrison’s Like A River to the Sea (July 24th, Mantralogy) takes us on a journey.

  • Shri Radhe - A Music Video Without Borders

    Album: BHAKTI WITHOUT BORDERS. Producer: Dave Stringer, Singers: Chaytanya & Madi Das. Song: Shri Radhe. Band website:

    Music Video Credits:
    Choreographer: Anapayini Jakupko
    Dancers: Bhakti Kalalayam Dance Academy
    Mridanga player: Sri Nama Vanamali
    Shakti Films & Bhava Films
    Director: Krishna Sanchez
    Cinematographers: Krishna Sanchez, Hilary Zakheim, Kuva Zakheim
    Editors: Hilary Zakheim & Krishna Sanchez
    Special Thanks: Inner Voice Productions

    BUY THE ALBUM BHAKTI WITHOUT BORDERS TODAY! Available from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. All profits from BHAKTI WITHOUT BORDERS will fund education for underprivileged girls in Vrindavan, India. More information about the charity at

  • Epic Inevitable Time Album Inspired By Mahabharata

    Radha Krishna Records, launched at Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara’s 40th anniversary in 2009, aims to release spiritual albums with high production values that will inspire appreciation for kirtan and a Krishna conscious message in a broad audience. Inevitable Time is mixed at Metropolis, a studio used by Madonna and Michael Jackson.

  • Pierre Edel - Jaya Radha Madhava

    Pierre Edel  - vocals, guitars, bass
    Lera Grin  - vocals

  • Chile’s Krishna Sambandha Reconnects Souls Through Kirtan

    The Krishna Sambandha kirtan band from Chile, South America, has a motto that is inspirationally opposite to just about every other music artist out there: “We don’t want fame through music, but we want to make Krishna famous.” The group has the skills to do just that. Formed in 2007 by Sri Bhakti and Visvanath Chakravarti, it now has seven members, each with over ten years’ formal music training.

  • Sri Krishna Govinda (Official Video) - Govinda Sky

    Sri Krishna Govinda from the album Ocean of Mercy. Jaya Madhava Das (Vocals/Lyrics), Trevor Buckingham (Producer, Backing vocals, guitars,percussion etc), Eddie-ji (Guitar, backing vocals), Guest Backing vocal: Eamon Sefton

  • New Hip-Hop Album to Promote Vedic Wisdom

    Young poet and hip-hop musician Mikey Jay describes himself as “a wandering soul learning the lessons of life” as he “traverses its diverse path.” For Rama Navami, April 8th,  2014, he came out with a new music album the “Sri Isopanisad”, consisting of 19 songs; an Invocation and 18 songs based on the 18 Mantras of the ancient scripture the Sri Isopanisad. 

  • ISKCON News Video Contest: 1st Place Winner

    "Most High: Sri Isopanisad - Mantra One" by Mikey Jay (UK.)

  • Latin Grammy Winner Releases Ambitious Orchestral Offering to Srila Prabhupada

    Symphony of the Soul, the new symphonic orchestral album from Latin Grammy Award Winner Havi Das (Ilan Chester), is one of the most ambitious musical projects ever undertaken by an ISKCON devotee.

  • Bada Haridas Goes Back to Basics with Seeking Your Shelter

    Renowned US kirtan singer Bada Haridas, a disciple of  Srila Prabhupada, is well known for combining classical and modern western instrumentation with traditional Vaishnava instruments. His soaring compositions have always been inspirational to devotees around the world.

  • Fun: Gypsy Style Hare Krishna Mahamantra

    Kirtan for Gypsies. Music prayformed by Sadhu Nada. From the album "Chantrika", available on CD or digital download at

    Footage borrowed of Mahavishnu Swami Kirtan at Ratha Yatra at Croome Court Hare Krishna Festival 2nd September 2012

  • Red Rock Rishis' New Music Video on Lord Caitanya

    A brand new music video entitled "Golden Avatar". It is a song off of The Beginning Is Near CD by the Red Rock Rishis. (

    (The Red Rock Rishis kirtan group is looking for an experienced female back-up or lead singer, someone with a young voice, for recording on a new double album CD, to begin recording in the beginning of July. To respond to this request write at

  • The Red Rock Rishis: Starship Mantra

    The Red Rock Rishis kirtan group, has made some very tasteful musical arrangements accompanying the Hare Krishna maha mantra. One of the songs from their most recent album is called "Starship Mantra". The music fits the title and the melody is very catchy. The pictures of Prabhupada and Krishna that accompany this music-video just captivate the heart.

    Srila Prabhupada once said to a reporter, that there are three ways to travel - by machine, by pigeon, and by mantra. It must have been a bit of a challenge to come up with pictures that would help to give the hearer a real transcendental "oddessy" experience by listening to and chanting along with this "Starship Mantra" song.

    So travel by maha mantra, and leave all your worries behind. Hare Krishna. (Text by Nistha Bhakti)

  • Walking On: A New Mikey Jay Music Video

    Lyrics and production by Mike Jones (

  • Hare Krishna Rap
  • VANDE Supports Vaishnava Arts and Culture in ISKCON

    VANDE, an initiative developed by the GBC outreach subcommittee at the GBC meetings in Mayapur, aims to support Vaishnava arts and culture within ISKCON through a variety of different efforts.

  • Hip-Hop Music Video: Sri Isopanisad Invocation - Om Purnam

    A Hip-Hop video from Mikey Jay, an ISKCON devotee from Wales, UK. The video based on Śrīla Prabhupāda's purport to the invocation of Sri Isopanisad.

  • Music Therapy Is On The Rise
    Music psychology can be therapeutic for any age. Given the roller coaster of feelings in teenagers and young adults; however, the potential for success is greater in this age group.
  • Sir Ivan to Release "I Am Peaceman"

    Due to the global success of Sir Ivan's single Hare Krishna from I Am Peaceman, Worldwide Records entered into a full distribution deal with Sir Ivan's New York based label, Peaceman Music. Hare Krishna went to # 10 on Billboard Magazine's Dance Club Songs Chart in the U.S. in April 2011.

  • Heart of Devotional Music with Karnamrita Dasi

    Karnamrita Dasi performs devotional music from India ~ talks about the deep significance of singing and chanting.

  • Hare Krishna - Geeta Bisram & The Angels Caribbean Band
  • Kripamoya Sets a New Bar for Devotional Music with “Chakram”
    As a young man still in school, music meant a lot to Kripamoya Dasa—then Michael Harrison—who fronted his own band and attended all the big outdoor pop festivals. So it was a big deal for him, when, in 1972, he stood on a hill in the cold English rain in Buxton, Darbyshire, to watch the guitar legend Chuck Berry.
  • Forever In Trance

    Music and video by Uddhava Das.

  • Syam: A Beautiful Song by Gaurangi Dasi

    One of the most beautiful prayers and songs ever composed and sung.

  • Madhava’s Band Brings Krishna Rock to India’s Got Talent

    This summer, when 35 million people tuned in to India’s Got Talent—which features Bollywood star judges and is hailed as Asia’s biggest talent show—they probably didn’t expect to see a group of devotees in dhotis and saris, chanting Hare Krishna.

  • India's Got Talent: Madhavas Chant Hare Krishna With Great Success
  • Jayadev Dasa: Listening to the Rhythm of the Soul

    As a kid growing up in Dagenham, Essex in the 1950s and early 1960s, John Richardson hated ballroom dance music and crooning. But his area at the time had only one radio station, and that was the only type of music it played.

  • Choir of the Crickets

    Did you know that crickets sing like humans?

    The angelic chorus you hear accompanying the sound of the crickets is NOT a synthesizer or a chorus singing. It's the crickets themselves (slowed down) creating the effect.

  • Tulasi Harrison: Delivering Little Souls

    Tulasi Harrison was only seven years old—still practically a baby herself—when she decided she wanted to become a midwife and help bring new life into the world. Her little brother was fortunate enough to be delivered by a devotee midwife. Present for the birth, Tulasi watched with fascination as her mother’s friend Ramadevi brought her brother into the world.

  • Religion and Bob Dylan

    The Gospel According to Bob Dylan? Well, why not? Author Michael J. Gilmour sits down to explain why "Bobheads" continue to find spiritual meaning in Bob Dylan's music almost 50 years after Dylan's debut album was released.

  • Havi Das Wins Latin Grammy Award
    Venezuela celebrated on November 11th, when one of their most cherished singers and composers, Ilan Chester, won an award for “best folk or traditional album of the year” for his collection “Tesoros de la música Venezolana” ( Treasures of Venezuelan Music) at the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Govinda Sky: Breaking the Hip-Hop Mold
    When he spotted ISKCON devotees chanting in Washington Square Park, Jay Cen could never have imagined that one day he’d be fronting a hip-hop group espousing their teachings.
  • Pyari Radhe: A Single From ISKCON Coventry`s New Musical Album Has Been Released
    "Pyari Radhe", a single from the forthcoming album “Krishna of Vrindavan” has been released on iTunes on 19th August. It is currently number 7 in the world music chart on ITunes UK.
  • Summoning the Spiritual With Just Enough Cowbell
    If ever there was a time for a group of former Hare Krishna adherents to come to New York to make their way as a band, it would be now. Thanks to groups like Animal Collective and its peers, the shamanic impulse is as alive as ever in indie rock. The embrace of Eastern spirituality is at an apex.
  • Music Trains The Nervous System And Improves Learning Ability

    Researchers from Northwestern University recently published a series of data in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience, revealing that music plays an important role in nervous system development.

  • Prince Rama Signs To Paw Tracks; Preps Album
    Brooklyn-based three-piece Prince Rama is the latest signing to Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label. The group's members, who allegedly were raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida and subsequently educated at art school in Boston, will release their debut full-length album, Shadow Temple, on September 14 via their new label.

  • Hardcore Music With A Spiritual Message
    Hardcore musician and devotee Don Foose played at a venue near New Vrindaban on Saturday, April 10, along with other hardcore bands from West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
  • New Yoga CD Features Big Name Artists
    Of the nearly 16 million people practicing yoga in America more than a few of them happen to be music superstars whose work has been collected onto a new CD, Yoga Revolution, released to stores and online retailers March 30th (Time Life).
  • "Inspiration Explosion" Devotional Album Released
  • Singer Strikes a Divine Pose in New Video

    Some Hindu groups are upset by what they see as trivialization of their beliefs.

  • East Meets West

    Gaura Vani, a Hare Krishna musician who combines traditional Indian kirtan music with Western elements such as 12-string guitar, gospel choruses, and hip-hop rhythms, is a musical product of his environments.

  • George Harrison's Spiritual Music & Yusuf Islam
    A blogpost which referred to the recent music of popular Muslim musician Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, got me thinking about how music is viewed within India's religious traditions - especially my own - the Hare Krishna faith. If you've ever seen Hare Krishnas chanting in public, you can probably surmise our general attitude toward music! In particular, George Harrison's story reveals why modern music with instruments like guitars, pianos or sitars, is not considered strictly taboo in our tradition.
  • Ten Million Moons Release Party Sells Out in NYC
    New York – When kirtan band As Kindred Spirits—featuring second-gen Krishna devotees Gauravani Buchwald, Acyuta Gopi Dasi, and a host of other talented musicians—wanted to celebrate the launch of their new CD Ten Million Moons in style, they did what rock stars have been doing for ages: they threw a party. But the release party, held on May 16 at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in New York’s trendy SoHo district, included performances from the band and guest musicians, a vegan feast, and an eclectic crowd of yogis, devotees, and music lovers.
  • Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits Break Through With New Release
    It’s not very often that an ISKCON-produced album of kirtan, India’s ancient practice of call and response chanting, makes a real impact on the general public. ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada’s original 1966 LP did it, getting airplay on the hippy beat radio stations and drawing many to Krishna consciousness.
  • Ekendra Dasa: 100% Certified Philosobilly
    When Eric Dailey’s grandfather gave him a piano and music lessons for his tenth birthday, he learned just about as much as most kids learn when pushed to achieve their elders’ dreams: nothing. But at thirteen, he suddenly took up music with a passion – just not the kind his old grand-daddy had been hoping for. It was New York, the 1980s were in full swing, and every one of Eric’s friends seemed to be in a band. It was just what you did.
  • Jagjit Singh Launches New Album at ISKCON Juhu
    Noted singer-composer Jagjit Singh launched his new album ‘Karuna - A Cry for Compassion’ penned by devotional poet Kavi Narayan Agrawal at ISKCON Juhu temple.