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  • Update on ISKCON's Nepal Relief Efforts

    So far the Food For Life in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur has served over 40,000 plates of hot prasadam in shelters and hospitals. On Tuesday 28 April, 15 doctors arrived from Bhaktivendanta Hospital, Mumbai, who are conducting health camps around the affected areas. FFL Nepal has also received supply of two tons of grains from Kolkata. 

  • Update by the ISKCON Devotees of Nepal

    ISKCON devotees in Nepal are trying their best to help their fellow citizens in the wake of the great earthquake. An update about the situation as of April 27th, 2015.

  • Hare Krishnas Feed Thousands in Quake Ravaged Nepal

    With the help of 350 Food for Life volunteers, the FFL team is daily serving five thousand people in Kathmandu and seven thousand people Bhaktapur with fresh nutritious meals. Over the next few days, the number of meals being served by the FFL volunteers are expected to double from twelve thousand to twenty four thousand per day.

  • Risk Management Within The Devotional Community
    The world is inherently risky, but we can take actions as individuals and as communities to prepare for and help mitigate risks. I would request individuals and senior leadership to facilitate mature and capable individuals to help develop a risk preparedness plan.
  • Iceland's Farmers Try to Save Herds From Toxic Ash
    Farmers across the region where the volcano erupted this month under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier have been scrambling to protect their herds from inhaling or ingesting the ash.
  • Gustav: New Orleans Deities Evacuated to New Talavan
    Hurricane Gustav had looked like a monster on its way toward land. On Saturday, Aug. 30, the National Hurricane Center described Gustav as an “extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane” that could become a Category 5, and was on a track that would take it slightly to the west of New Orleans. Mayor C. Ray Nagin ordered an evacuation for what he called “the mother of all storms,” and an estimated two million people got out of southern Louisiana before the storm hit on Monday.