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  • Six Easy Ways to Love

    Love is a small word with a big promise. In a spiritual practice like Krishna Bhakti, the intent is to awaken love - our original pure love between us and our source of life, Krishna, as well as our natural love for everything connected to Him. 

  • Book Review: Cowherd Boys Nectar

    Those who read Cowherd Boys Nectar will find in it nourishment, opening of the heart, and delight, often all at once. Dasaratha-Suta’s introductory essays help the reader understand the worship of Krsna in transcendental friendship in the context of Gaudiya Vaisnava thought and practice.

  • Natya Nectar to Deliver Gita Wisdom in Huge Cirque du Soleil-Style Show

    Performing arts company Natya Nectar is set to deliver the wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita to audiences across India – before going to Broadway in New York and beyond.