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  • Devotees, Deities Safe at ISKCON New Orleans and New Talavana After Hurricane Ida Hits

    After Hurricane Ida hit the US State of Louisiana on Sunday August 29th, the devotees, deities and cows at ISKCON New Orleans and the New Talavana Farm in neighboring Mississippi have been reported safe and unharmed. The temples’ public Janmastami festivals, however, had to be canceled or delayed to next weekend.

  • ISKCON New Talavana & New Orleans Spared by Hurricane Isaac
    New Talavana farm community in Mississippi, USA, and ISKCON New Orleans were spared from any substantial damage from weather conditions related to Hurricane Isaac.
  • Due to Flooding New Orleans Ratha Yatra Postponed
    Due to the impending major flooding of the Mississippi River in and around New Orleans, the organizers been forced to cancel the Rathayatra Festival, scheduled for May 21 and 22.
  • New Orleans Ratha Yatra
    This year the New Orleans Rath Yatra festival will be on May 21st, and 22nd, 2011. The featured artists are Surdas from Los Angeles and TK's NamRock Band. World renowned Indian Singer, Suresh Wadkar will perform live Bhajan Concert.
  • Invitation to the New Orleans Ratha Yatra
    ISKCON New Orleans invites all devotees and guests to join the annual Rath Yatra festival to be held on the 20th of November from 8 AM to 10 PM in Washington Park.
  • New Orleans Sees First Ratha Yatra Since 1985
    The city of New Orleans, no stranger to color and festivity with its annual Mardi Gras celebrations, will see a very different kind of festival this November 21st.
  • Gustav: New Orleans Deities Evacuated to New Talavan
    Hurricane Gustav had looked like a monster on its way toward land. On Saturday, Aug. 30, the National Hurricane Center described Gustav as an “extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane” that could become a Category 5, and was on a track that would take it slightly to the west of New Orleans. Mayor C. Ray Nagin ordered an evacuation for what he called “the mother of all storms,” and an estimated two million people got out of southern Louisiana before the storm hit on Monday.