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  • New Connecticut Temple Brings Devotees Together, Looks to the Future

    Over 200 devotees and congregation packed excitedly into their new temple in Glastonbury, Connecticut on Sunday August 6th to celebrate its soft opening with the Balarama Jayanti festival. 

  • Thousands Attend Opening of Gorgeous New Baltimore Temple

    Smashing expectations, around 2,300 people attended the three-day festival opening the new Vedic-style ISKCON temple in Baltimore, Maryland from April 28th to 30th. They came from India, England, and all over the U.S., and included local congregation and public as well as many Srila Prabhupada disciples who had previously served in Baltimore.

  • New Krishna Balarama Mandir to Open in Botswana

    Between 600 and 1,500 people are expected every day at the three-day grand opening of ISKCON’s new Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir in Botswana, Southern Africa. Celebrations for the custom-built Indian style temple in Gaborone, Botswana’s capital, will run from Friday September 21st through Sunday the 23rd.

  • ISKCON Silicon Valley Expansion Begins with New Temple

    ISKCON Silicon Valley (ISV), one of the most happening urban Hare Krishna communities in the United States, has acquired a brand new temple, a major step along the way to its full expansion plan.

  • New ISKCON Temple Opens in Kursk, Russia

    On the 5th of May, over a hundred Hare Krishna devotees from all over Russia gathered in Kursk to celebrate the opening of the new center.

  • New Temple Shines in the Land of the Rising Sun
    Surviving the country's biggest earthquake earlier this year, Tokyo's new ISKCON temple continues to go from strength to strength.
  • Dutch Local Government Appoints Land to ISKCON The Hague

    On 18 February 2011, the day after Sri Nityananda Prabhu ́s appearance day the long awaited decision pertaining the appointment of land for a new temple in The Hague, The Netherlands, was made by the local Dutch governing authorities in favor of ISKCON and other religious organizations.

  • ISKCON Houston Still Positive in the Face of Tough Challenges
    Within the span of just a few days, ISKCON Houston's opening date for its new Vedic-style temple was postponed, then, shockingly, its small presiding deities, Radha-Giridhari, were stolen.
  • Design for Moscow’s New Temple Finalized
    After years of negotiating with the government and handling protests from conservative Orthodox Church groups, Hare Krishna devotees are finally completing design work on ISKCON Russia’s new mega-project.
  • Making Space for a New Temple in Futuristic Lucknow
    On 15th May, ISKCON Lucknow celebrated a colorful Rathayatra, followed by Bhumi Puja (ceremony for inauguration of construction) on May 16 on the 5 acres of land that ISKCON has received from the Ansal Builders for a grand new temple.
  • ISKCON South India to Restore Ancient Kondaveedu Fort
    ISKCON of Andhra Pradesh, South India is to begin work on a Spiritual Heritage Revival Project at the historical Kondaveedu Fort in Guntur District this year, starting with a beautiful new temple for the ancient Venna Gopal deity at the foot of the Kondaveedu Hills.
  • Bhumi Puja Performed at Site of New Tamil Temple

    Devotees converged on the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu, South India this January 14th to attend Bhumi Puja at the site of a planned huge new ISKCON temple.

  • French Devotees Emerge From Years of Struggle with New Paris Temple
    “France is considered to have the most cultured people in Europe,” said Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON’s founder, in a December 1968 talk. “And if we can have some footing in France in the matter of Krishna Consciousness certainly this will be a great success…”
  • New Rukmini Dwarakadish Temple Opens in Mauritius
    ISKCON devotees from around the world gathered at the newly constructed Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarakadish Temple in Triolet, on the island of Mauritius, for its grand opening in late November.
  • Mongolian Devotees Pave the Path to Their First Krishna Temple

    Mongolia. The name conjures up violence and brutality, a long history of barbaric hordes dealing death and destruction wherever they went. Yet a careful study of the country’s entire history reveals this to be a distorted picture painted by early European writers.