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  • ISKCON to Produce Ten More Videos for Smartphone App

    The market for smartphone applications as a way to distribute media content is growing fast, with an increasing number of people now watching videos on their iPhone, Androids, Blackberries or tablets.

  • Odyssey Networks Broadcasts Inspirational Videos Produced by ISKCON
    ISKCON Communications Global in collaboration with the New York based Odyssey Networks have produced a series of short Krishna-conscious themed videos to be distributed on the company's mobile platform. The first three Krishna-conscious videos have been released recently through Odyssey Network's Call on Faith application.
  • Odyssey Networks Delivers Exclusive Video Coverage from the 2012 US National Conventions
    Faith issues will be in the spotlight at both Republican and Democrat 2012 US national conventions and Odyssey Networks will be there to capture the key moments and engage the foremost spokespersons in both Tampa and Charlotte.
  • ISKCON Communications Receives Grant for Video Production
    On the 24th of January, the US-based Odyssey Networks` second town hall meeting brought together multi-religious scholars and leaders in the world of faith media for a dynamic two hour event in New York, which was also followed by many in the US and other countries through live-streaming.
  • Odyssey Networks Captures Faith Response to Protesters` Eviction from Zuccotti Park

    Odyssey Networks was on the scene yesterday after #OWS was dismantled from Zuccotti Park, and a large contingent of occupiers gathered at Canal Street and 6th Avenue. A group of multi-faith leaders and communities arrived in the temporary space to handshakes and warm greetings from the occupiers, and addressed the crowd with spiritual encouragement.

  • First ISKCON-produced Film On Odyssey Networks

    On October 29th, 2011, Odyssey Networks has released the first three minute ISKCON-produced cell phone film The God Above The Quicksand featuring Radhanath Swami. It is available for the viewers on the Call on Faith app.

  • ISKCON Produces Videos for Odyssey Networks’ iPhone App
    With smartphone applications currently one of the hottest and most dynamically developing ways of distributing content, ISKCON is getting on board. And within a few weeks, people will be able to watch the first Krishna conscious videos on their iPhones at home, during a break from work or school, or while commuting on the bus or train.
  • Odyssey Networks Goes "Beyond Hate" for 9/11 Anniversary
    Odyssey Networks will commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11 with "Beyond Hate," a diverse collection of original video productions that inspire conversation and promote reconciliation and healing. The videos, featuring some of America's most powerful interfaith voices, will appear on Odyssey's website September 5–11, with a new video each day.
  • Odyssey Network Makes Inspirational Videos Available for Cell Phones
    For people wanting to turn a bad day around in just two minutes, now there's an app for that. Call on Faith, just launched by Odyssey Networks, is the first all-video digital source of content that literally puts dynamic inspiration in the palm of the viewers` hand wherever they are, whenever they need it.