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  • Devotee Wins Special Olympics Event

    Keshav Das, 30, an ISKCON of Washington D.C. devotee, won the gold medal at his tri-county Special Olympics meet on Sunday May 21st, competing in the 100-meter track and field. Keshav, who was born with Down Syndrome, had been training for the past year with his coach, and was cheered on by thirteen family members, including father and mother Sachchida and Sharmistha Gupta, and brothers Gopal and Vishal.

  • Olympic Ice Skating to ISKCON's Famous Govindam Adi Purusam Hymns

    Armenian ice skating couple Grebenkina and Azrojan performed an unusual routine named "Worshipping Govinda", reminiscent of a temple dance at the Torino Winter Olympics in 2006.

  • ISKCON Chaplain Provides Spiritual Support at London Olympics
    ISKCON had a small yet significant presence at the London Olympic Games this year, with ten devotees from various UK temples serving as volunteers, and two playing important staff roles.
  • Providing Spiritual Support at the London Olympics
    London 2012 was revolutionary in many ways, even from a spiritual dimension. One of the unique features of the Olympic site was a multi-faith centre, strategically placed in the heart of the Athletes’ Village, offering easy and ready access to anyone who felt the need to seek spiritual guidance.
  • The Religious Spirit of the Olympic Games
    In the beginning, when the ancient Greeks centered an athletic competition around a festival honoring Zeus in 776 BC, the Olympics were steeped in religion. Even the mottos we take for granted originated from faith-based concepts.
  • Countdown
    Recently I was in Trafalgar Square. There were crowds of tourists taking holiday snaps by the Olympic Countdown Clock. As I saw the digits slowly decreasing, it made me think that maybe up there in the heavens is a similar clock which is counting down my life span.
  • The Holy Name Goes to Every Town & Olympic Village
    ISKCON Vancouver spread the Holy Names to visitors from all over the world through chanting and passing out books on the streets during the February 2010 Winter Olympics in downtown Vancouver. As a dozen devotees greeted crowds of up to 500,000 Olympics fans, they were able to move over 500 books.
  • Religious Presence at the Winter Olympics

    So far, God and religion haven't come up in the media coverage of the Vancouver Olympics, unless you count jokes about praying for snow.