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  • Canadian Opera Singer to Make Pilgrimage to Sri Mayapur Dham

    One of Canada's fasting rising young opera stars, Dustin Hiles, first met the devotees seven years ago in Winnipeg, MB, while campaigning as a candidate for the provincial Liberal Party of Canada.

  • Historic Sydney ISKCON 50 Show Released on Youtube, DVD

    “Transcendental Journey: Hare Krishna Celebrates 50 Years,” an historic variety stage production put on by Australian devotees for ISKCON 50, is now available on Youtube and for pre-order on DVD. The film is a nearly two-hour presentation that cuts together the best bits from the show’s matinee and evening performances at the famous Sydney Opera House on August 20th, 2016. Professionally shot with ten cameras and edited by technical director Deva Gaura Hari Das, the film seamlessly blends live acts and narrative slideshow segments.

  • Sydney Opera House: '50 Years of Hare Krishna' Show
  • Gopinath - Opera Version

    Gopinath, is a beautiful prayer to the supreme Lord and here is interpreted with Ave Maria melody by Juliette Vargas and musical arrangement by Thomas Fiedler.