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  • Notre Dame Is Damaged; The Holy Name Shines On

    Some thoughts on the recent burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

  • Parliament of World Religions on Climate Change

    Recently, the Parliament of World Relegions issued a statement.

  • Paris or No Paris, Can't Snatch from Our Kids Their Right to Have a Clean Earth

    Says Narendra Modi.

  • Hare Krishna Temple, Paris, France

    The Paris temple is situated in Sarcelles, the northern suburb. Sri Sri Radha Paris-Isvara were installed by Srila Prabhupada in 1973 during one of his visits to the city. The yearly Paris Ratha-Yatra is a very popular festival. A video by Vrishabhanu Das.

  • ISKCON Can Play A Part in Reducing Climate Change

    On December 12th world leaders and representatives of 195 countries agreed to to work together to limit average global warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6F) above pre-industrial temperatures. According to CNN, “Failure to set a cap could result in superdroughts, deadlier heat waves, mass extinctions of plants and animals, megafloods and rising seas that could wipe some island countries off the map.”

  • Terror and Forgiveness

    The world has now become an unsafe place for all. The thirsty bullets of the terrorists vying for blood of innocents have filled our life with fear. Today we can be killed anywhere – in restaurants, in parks, in planes, in offices and also in our homes.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Urges People to Stop Eating Meat

    The Terminator star urges people to seek alternative sources of protein and avoid eating meat in order to save the planet.

  • Muslim Leaders in Europe Condemn Terrorist Attacks

    "They claim to have done it in the name of God - far from it. Their work is the work of satan."

  • Devotees Safe But Atmosphere Tense at ISKCON Paris

    No ISKCON devotees or congregation members were hurt during the terrorist attacks on Paris on Friday November 13th, in which 129 people were killed at six locations throughout the French capital. Yet some congregation members living close to the Bataclan concert hall, where 80 people died, were shaken when they overheard the violence.

  • Praying in Paris Streets Outlawed

    Praying in the streets of Paris is against the law starting Friday, after the interior minister warned that police will use force if Muslims, and those of any other faith, disobey the new rule to keep the French capital's public spaces secular.

  • European Ratha Yatra Festivals Update
    London Ratha-Yatra will be streamed live simultaneously on Mayapur TV and 20th of June 2010. The dates of European Ratha Yatra Festivals are announced.
  • Paris City Officials Support 2008 Ratha Yatra Festival
    Lord Jagannath blessed the city of Paris with His Ratha Yatra festival for the eighteenth year on July 6th, 2008. A dense maze of government beauraucracy in previous years encouraged devotees to personally approach police officers and city officials six months in advance for permission this year.