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Articles tagged as Patience

  • In The Storm

    There are times in our lives when the cloudburst lets loose and we are thrown into intense situations. Emotions are fierce and there is no visibility, no answer, and no clear direction. 

  • Induced Selflessness

    “Should I get married or become a monk? Which one is best?”

  • Tolerating Phases of Bad Fortune

    Tolerating distress doesn’t mean that we become totally passive; it means that we act first for spiritual elevation, not material rectification.

  • People Problems

    Conflict, friction and human disagreement is, unfortunately, a major part of daily life. Whether it’s the erratic driver who cuts in front of you, or crafty and cunning work colleagues pulling a fast one, unsavoury interactions can spoil our day really quickly.

  • Revenge or Forgiveness: Which Road Do You Walk?

    Revenge, or "an eye for an eye" approach is becoming the predominating mood in society. We want things quickly, including our justice. We're running out of patience for just about everything.

  • Patience... Bitter Sweet

    The aspiring spiritualist must recognize the absolute necessity of patience in their practice. There may sometimes be doubts over whether any transformation is occurring, but determined practice over years will surely bear fruit.

  • Patience