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Articles tagged as Peace

  • Why Couldn’t the Pandavas Resolve their Conflict Peacefully?

    Not all conflicts are caused by misunderstandings alone; many are caused by malevolence.

  • We Light A Candle

    "When we turn away from the sun, we face our shadow. When we turn away from God, our original Source, we see ourselves as separate, and fear arises."

  • Winning Life's Battles

    All of us are like Arjuna in so many ways. We stand on the battlefield of life faced with all kinds of challenges which often seem overwhelming. Sometimes we too don’t know which way to turn but the message of the Gita is also there for us.

  • Mukunda Goswami’s New E-book Spirit Matters Released

    Mukunda Goswami’s new book Spirit Matters has been released by Torchlight Publishing is now available as e-book for free download for 3 days only on dates May 11-13. The book is a compilation of Mukunda Goswami’s articles published in the Hindustan Times discussing topics related to war, peace and love.

  • Kirtan: Meditation with a Bang

    A short video to give a people a taste of kirtan. For more videos please visit www.enoughmagazine.orgThis video was produced by Bhakti Lounge -

  • Zak Ebrahim: I Am the Son of a Terrorist. Here's How I Chose Peace.

    If you’re raised on dogma and hate, can you choose a different path? Zak Ebrahim was just seven years old when his father helped plan the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His story is shocking, powerful, and ultimately, inspiring.

  • Mission Impossible

    People have a romantic idea of spirituality: escape worldly distraction, access higher states of consciousness, and settle into an internal serenityThe dedicated practitioners, however, will frankly admit that it doesn’t always work like that.

  • The Nonviolent Violence of the Gita

    The battlefield setting of the Gita often prompts people to ask the question: “How can God instruct a peace-seeking person to fight a deadly war that caused so much suffering?”

  • Organized Chaos

    People are often inhibited from revealing their hearts, and instead lock up things within, causing destructive emotions to brew up and eventually surface in unhealthy ways.

  • Hinduism's Suggestions for a Peaceful Coexistence

    We all want to become free of stress and anxiety and live peaceful and happy lives. We try so hard to avoid anxieties, but somehow they find themselves into our lives.

  • Post 9/11 Testing of US's Religious Tolerance

    "What Would You Do?" by ABC is a hidden camera series where people are put into ethical dilemmas, given the choice between passively accepting injustice and standing up for what they believe is right.

  • How To Defeat Stress? - by Anuttama Dasa

    Elaborating on the verse 2.70 from the Bhagavad-gita Anuttama Dasa explains what ancient wisdom suggests about how to defeat stress, one of the most common diseases of the modern world.

    Produced by Karuna Productions with the sponsorship of ISKCON Communications and Odyssey Networks. (

  • Live Options
    Someone could propose that the true path to inner peace is to walk into your closest multi-storey car park and smash the windscreen of every blue Vauxhall Astra while simultaneously screaming at the top of your voice! Well... it’s something you could conceivably do, but something I doubt anyone would seriously consider.
  • Model Yourself On People You Respect
    Anxiety is a bummer. When it strikes, some resort to counselling and others to drugs, legal and illegal. Distress is what nobody wants, like garbage in your bedroom.
  • Teenagers Promote Dialogue on Peace and Conflict in KidSpirit Magazine
    In response to the tumultuous political struggles unfolding around the globe, KidSpirit Online, the award-winning online magazine and forum for teenagers, launched its spring issue Monday on the topic of Conflict and Peacemakers in New York.
  • Bhakti Caru Swami Addresses UN Group in New York

    ISKCON Sannyasi Bhakti Caru Swami met with the CSVGC (Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York this November 14. The NGO (Non-governmental organization) had expressed an interest in meeting him during their annual Week of Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns, from October 20 – 24th. But Bhakti Caru was unable to attend due to health complications of godbrother Jayapataka Swami.

  • Finding Contentment Amidst a Consumer Culture

    It’s the question on everyone’s minds, and one with an increasingly elusive answer in today’s world. The society we live in seems determined to convince us that we should be dissatisfied with what we have, and that if we get something else – something “better” – we’ll be happy.