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  • Will the Bible Museum Give Guests an Eden Experience?

    PETA is urging the Bible Museum’s chair to serve exclusively “Eden food”—vegan food, that is—in the museum’s restaurant.

  • A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!

    A new year offers new opportunities to take our campaign against fur to the country that buys more of it than any other in the world: Russia.

  • The Brutality of Factory Farms: An Inside Look
    Recognizing how widespread concern about the humane treatment of farm animals has become, the California Milk Advisory Board has recently ramped up its 10-year "Happy Cow" advertising campaign with a new series of ads proclaiming that "Great milk comes from Happy Cows." These ads are now being shown across the nation. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with the ads.
  • Inconvenient Beef: Go Vegetarian, Gore
    "If Al Gore really cared about the environment, he would give up meat." This was the major beef of animal rights advocate People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about the former US vice president and environmental advocate, during their protest near the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, where Gore delivered a talk Tuesday.