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  • Australian Hit-Makers Visit ISKCON Dallas
    Award-winning electropop band The Veronicas dropped by ISKCON Dallas this June, taking a break from their current US tour. The group, which hails from Brisbane, Australia, peaked at number 2 in the Australian album charts with their first record and are enjoying worldwide success with their second. So Dallas temple priest Nityananda Chandra was pleasantly surprised when they greeted him with enthusiastic cries of “Hare Krishna!” and “Haribol!”
  • Madonna Visits Nathdwara, Eklingji Temples
    JAIPUR: On the last leg of her holiday in Rajasthan, pop queen Madonna chose to refresh herself on a long boat ride on the picturesque Pichhola lake of Udaipur. She visited the City Palace and crystal gallery which has one of world's biggest collection of crystal objects.
  • Parallel Worlds: Who's the Mother of Magic Realism?
    What do C.S. Lewis, Quentin Tarantino and J.K. Rowling have in common? Maybe nothing, but here's what I think. One, all will have hit the big screen by December 2005; two, all are considered innovators; three, all have written about their characters entering a parallel world.