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  • Oleksandr Turchynov, Baptist Pastor, Named As Ukraine's Acting President

    Political turmoil and campaign schemes aside, the man now in the center is no average politician. 

  • Priests Bring Comfort To Menacing Kiev Protests

    Ukrainian priests are trained to comfort their flock — and these days, those worshippers are often on the barricades.

  • Massive March for Yamuna River Nears Delhi

    Tens of thousands of villagers are marching toward Delhi to pressure the central government to save the Yamuna River, in one of the biggest protests against river pollution in India.

  • Spiritual Activism Doc to Screen on Anniversary of Seattle WTO Protests
    Residents of Seattle are set to get a sneak preview of a new documentary film about spiritual activism, directed by Radha-Vallabha Dasa—a brahmachari monk at New York’s Bhaktivedanta Ashram—on the 12th anniversary of the famous Seattle WTO protests.
  • A Revolution In Consciousness?
    The Wall Street Protest: In the past few weeks, I have been doing a dance in my mind and heart over how I feel towards this unlikely and unprecedented turn of events. I have gone from being quite eager to go down there and join them in their strange and colorful carnival, and I have also felt an equally strong desire to keep my distance.
  • Bulgarian Protesters Demand Compulsory Religious Classes
    Over 5,000 Bulgarians demonstrated Friday in Sofia to demand that religious instruction in this majority Orthodox country become compulsory in schools, police said Friday.
  • ISKCON Secunderabad Thwarts Demolition Attempt
    In a bid to turn the twin Indian cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad into a London or New York overnight, the Andhra Pradesh Government invoked the Land Acquisition Act on ISKCON Secunderabad this November 5th. The Act, which would affect the temple and most of its land, was invoked to widen the main street on which the temple sits.
  • HAF Condemns Banning of Hindu Group in Malaysia

    A prominent U.S. based human rights group, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), today joined a growing chorus demanding restoration of civil rights in Malaysia after the recent banning of the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF).

  • Hindus Rally Against Government Control of Temples

    The Public Forum at Tirupati was an event wherein as many as 10,000 Indians turned up to show their opposition to the government control of Hindu temples. This was organized by the Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti and supported by the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation of the USA. And I was, practically, the only westerner to participate.

  • Hindus Protest Over Cow Slaughter in London
    Hindus staged a noisy and colourful protest in London over the slaughter of a sacred cow at a Hertfordshire temple. Over 100 protestors were at the House of Commons to raise awareness over the death of Gangotri, a cow kept at the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple at Watford.
  • Fundamentalists Interrupt US Senate's First Hindu Opening Prayer
    U.S. Hindu organizations are urging presidential candidates to denounce the protesters who disrupted the Senate as the first-ever Hindu opening prayer was being delivered last month.

    The three protesters -- identified in the Christian media as a couple and their daughter -- were removed from the Senate floor and arrested by Capitol Police on July 12 after they began shouting, "This is an abomination," and asking for forgiveness from God.
  • Foundation Stone Laid for new ISKCON Patna Temple
    While laying the foundation stone of a Radha Banke Bihari temple and Spiritual Center at the ISKCON temple in Patna on Saturday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that while all religions in the world preached peace for all, some people interpreted them in ways that were against the preaching of their religions.