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Articles tagged as Renounciation

  • Renounce or Redirect? A Lesson from the Pandemic

    An important lesson for us spirit souls: neither materially binding activities nor an artificial cessation of activity is what will bring ultimate joy to the soul.

  • Cold Showers

    The best things I ever did were often the very things I passionately resisted in the beginning. The things I avoided, argued against and convinced myself were unnecessary – those were the things that brought me the invaluable jewels of growth.

  • In Search of Sweet

    It is only by intentional practices that we can begin to access spiritual tastes and emotions that are less obvious and more refined. 

  • Should a Devotee Give Up His Duty?

    Bhaktivinod Thakura was a high court judge and he was so expert in his work that when he wanted to take retirement the government pleaded him not to do so.

  • Discovering Discomfort

    Whether it’s the coldest pre-dawn hours of winter, or the staggering heat of May and June, the external conditions in Vrindavan are far from perfect.

  • Discovering Discomfort

    The concept of tolerating difficulty is fast disappearing from the modern dictionary.