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Articles tagged as Retirement

  • Spiritual Retirement Facility Planned in Colombia’s Cauca Valley

    A pioneer devotee is braving austerity to create a dream retirement home in Colombia’s lush Cauca Valley, for those who have dedicated their lives in service to ISKCON. And Lord Krishna is reciprocating as neighbors embrace the project and doors gradually begin to open.

  • Alachua Plans Intentional Community for Ages 55+

    Alachua, Florida is already home to the largest group of ISKCON members in North America, with some 500 congregational families. Now devotees are planning an intentional devotional community there for couples or singles aged 55 and over. Prabhupada disciple Kirtiraja Das is developing the project as its managing director. He has worked as a realtor for the past twenty years, and like many of the senior devotees who have relocated to Alachua, he wants to downsize and simplify.

  • Prepare For Harder Times
    Not many of us can abandon our earthly lot and go to the forests clad in tree bark, as was the practise in ancient days. A lifetime of Tesco and central heating leaves one ill-prepared for such agonies. But any of us can sit down peacefully in Vrindavan or some other sacred site and chant Krishna’s names. A lifestyle that even the meagre state pension could stretch to.
  • New Ontario Retreat Set to Boost ISKCON Congregation

    Members of ISKCON Canada’s Toronto and Brampton communities have purchased a country resort which they hope will be an innovative tool for congregational development, a retirement home for senior devotees, and the first “for profit” Vaishnava retreat in North America.