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Articles tagged as Selflessness

  • The Creator’s Cruelty and the Saints’ Selflessness

    The more we help others overcome worldly illusions by equipping them with spiritual insights and practices, the more we become spiritually absorbed ourselves and go beyond worldly illusions.

  • Induced Selflessness

    “Should I get married or become a monk? Which one is best?”

  • The Creator’s Cruelty and the Saints’ Selflessness

    Unlike the saintly, we are conditioned souls attached to worldly pleasures. Such pleasures, being temporary, become sources of misery. Despite experiencing such miseries repeatedly, we can’t give up our attachments. Why?

  • Me to We

    In the urban jungle, survival of the fittest is the name of the game. Our happiness is often founded upon the exploitation, mistreatment and detriment of others. If we are winning, it usually means someone else is losing.