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  • ISKCON Leader Offers Prayers at National Memorial Service for Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

    Over 1,000 attended the service in Washington, DC,, including religious dignitaries representing Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths, members of Congress, U.S. government representatives, Ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps, and Sri Lankan community members.

  • Rama Setu - An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE

    This film brings to light the layers of bridge construction and the month and the year when the Rama Setu was built.

  • Sri Lanka to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Prabhupada’s Journey to U.S.

    ISKCON worldwide is gearing up for 2016, when the society will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its registration in New York City. 

  • "Sri Ram's March Into Lanka" - by Red Rock Rishis

    One of the most important Vaishnava and Hindu celebrations, Ram Navami, the Appearance Day of Lord Ramchandra, is being celebrated by millions all over the world. With gorgeous pujas, song, revisiting the pastimes of the Lord as told in Valmiki's  ancient spiritual text the Ramayana. Here is a music video and song, produced by the Red Rock Rishis, that depicts a story of the Ramayana, of mother Sita, still in captivity by the great demon king Ravana, meditating on and awaiting her Rama to come and release her from her horrible plight of imprisonment.

  • Sinhalese Outreach Breakthrough in Sri Lanka

    A revolutionary public program was organized in a Sinhalese area in a town near Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Just a few years ago, when the civil war between Sinhalese (Buddhist) and Tamils was raging, nobody could have imagined that a Hare Krishna program would be held in the heart of Buddhist culture in Kandy.

  • Hindus Beg Government to Spare Lord Rama's Bridge
    USA - Prominent Hindu organisations here have exhorted the Indian government to prevent destruction of the Ram Setu, a bridge sacred to Hindus that is threatened by a proposed navigable waterway in the narrow sea between India and Sri Lanka.