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  • New Book “Swamiji” Fills in ISKCON’s Early History

    “Swamiji,” a new book that recounts Brahmananda Dasa’s memories of his guru Srila Prabhupada, has been called “a long overdue addition to the early history of ISKCON [that] fills in many details only an insider would know” by scholar Thomas J. Hopkins. Author Satyaraja Das (Steven Rosen), whose previous books include biographies of Bhakti Tirtha Swami and Sridhara Swami, interviewed Brahmananda for two weeks, yielding some twenty 90-minute tapes.

  • The Money Analogy and the Politics of Doing the Right Thing
    According to Vaishnava teaching, one can gauge a person's spiritual status by how they react to finding money on the street: Do they keep it for themselves? Do they leave it lying there? Or do they look for the original owner? What would you do?
  • Book Review: Food for the Soul - Vegetarianism and Yoga Traditions by Steven Rosen
    For those who are meat-eating Yogis, wanting an easy way out, this book is to be avoided at all costs. If, however, you are either a vegetarian or someone who is sitting on the fence -- a sincere meat eater who is ready to give up eating meat for his or her practice of Yoga -- this book will offer much direction, knowledge, and food for thought.