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Articles tagged as Swastika

  • How the World Loved the Swastika - Until Hitler Stole It

    Archaeological finds have long demonstrated that the swastika is a very old symbol, but ancient examples are by no means limited to India.

  • Hindu Swastika Sparks Controversy at Irvine Museum
    Controversy flared up at Pretend City, a children's museum in Irvine, when a few visitors recently complained about a Hindu swastika woven on a tapestry in one of the museum's exhibits.
  • The Swastika: A Symbol of Goodness or Hate?
    When Hitler began using the swastika as the symbol for his Nazi party in the 1920s, he brought about the death not only of millions of innocent people, but also of an innocent symbol. His use of the beloved Hindu religious sign instilled so much hate for it in the Western world that I wonder if its true meaning will ever be reclaimed.