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  • Swastika, the Ancient Symbol that was Hijacked by Evil

    Recently, the Hon Premier of Victoria Australia announced that the State Government was going to recommend a prohibition of the Swastika symbol in Victoria, based on recommendations from the Victorian Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee Report on the effectiveness of the state’s anti-vilification laws, as anti-Semitic and racial tension and abuse is raising its ugly head by some far-right neo-Nazi groups.

  • How the World Loved the Swastika - Until Hitler Stole It

    Archaeological finds have long demonstrated that the swastika is a very old symbol, but ancient examples are by no means limited to India.

  • Hindu Swastika Sparks Controversy at Irvine Museum
    Controversy flared up at Pretend City, a children's museum in Irvine, when a few visitors recently complained about a Hindu swastika woven on a tapestry in one of the museum's exhibits.