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Articles tagged as Temptation

  • Winning the War Against Temptation

    Those who relapse aren’t always witless or will-less, they are often weapon-less.

  • Fighting With Temptations

    We all have to fight an inner war against temptation. In that war, our mind is like a discouraging inner voice that keeps making our opponent seem bigger and tougher than what it actually is.

  • Isn’t It More Peaceful to Appease Temptation Than to Battle It?
    It is true that our fight against various sensual temptations can gradually wear down our will to fight – especially when the temptations seem to keep returning endlessly like an enemy army with unending reserve forces.
  • The Heat of the Moment
    The world is full of temptations, allurements and a variety of attractive enticements. A cool-headed analysis of them confirms their ultimate uselessness and striking inability to bring us what we really desire. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, such temptations are practically irresistable.