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  • Permanent Prabhupada Art Gallery to Open in Malaysia

    A permanent art gallery entitled “Walking with Srila Prabhupada – The Path of Perfection” is set to open on August 30th in Malaysia.

  • Temple Profiles: Bangkok, Thailand
    In the hub of one of Asia’s most scandalous places, Bangkok, there are two ISKCON temples floating untouched of the city's murky waters like lotus flowers: the student center located near the Assumption University, and the Siyak Bangkhaek temple in Thonburi, the heart of the old city.
  • Thai Buddhists Explore Their Vedic Link
    Several prominent Buddhist groups in Thailand invited Dr Sahadeva dasa for a series of countrywide programs and visit to their communities. They hosted a series of TV shows with him.
  • In Industrial Thailand, Health and Business Collide
    MAP TA PHUT, Thailand — Villagers here avoid walking in the rain because they say it burns their skin and causes their hair to fall out. They have trouble breathing at night when, they say, factories release toxic fumes. And they are terrified by what studies show are unusually high cancer rates.