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  • ISKCON Philadelphia Welcomes Srimati Vrinda-devi

    Sunday, November 21, join us in welcoming Srimati Vrinda-devi as well as Srimati Tulsi-devi into her new room.  When Srimati Vrinda Devi entered into the material world she manifested herself as the sacred Tulsi plant.  Being very dear to Lord Krishna, her leaves are an essential part of Krishna's worship.  She is extremely merciful and, by serving her, our devotional service to Krishna will grow.  In the spiritual world, Srimati Vrinda-devi organizes all the arrangements for Radha and Krishna's pastimes.

  • Tulasi Devi Offered Beautiful New Greenhouse in New Vrindaban

    About 600 square feet in size, the Tulasi Devi Greenhouse features double-paned insulated glass, and a bronze-finished aluminum frame with an ornamental crest along the roof ending in a motif based on ISKCON’s lotus logo.

  • Sacred Botany

    Musician Jahnavi Harrison enters a world of sacred plants revealing that, in many religious traditions, plants are seen as spiritually symbolic – sometimes acting as intermediaries with the divine world.

  • How to Make a Tulasi Japa Mala

    A video by Ulises Guerrero and "The Vedic Way". (

  • An Offering to Tulasi

    Vrindavan, Indian, Kartika 2013.

  • Inmate Establishes Worship of Tulasi Devi in Prison

    Bhakta Tim, a former inmate, was recently released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Rochester, Minnesota -- but not before planting over thirty Tulasis and establishing worship of the sacred plant there.

  • Tulasi Devi Cures Devotee’s Cancer
    Today, at 69 years old, Chaitanya Prema Das is a robust, healthy devotee, visiting the Potomac, Maryland ISKCON temple every Sunday and working at the Pentagon. Seeing him, you would never guess that back in 1997, at age 55, Chaitanya Prema was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma—or blood cancer—that had already reached stage four.
  • Udupi: Lord Krishna Worshiped with 10,000,000 Tulsi Twigs
    Udupi, Jun 29: The Indian epics are replete with stories about Lord Vishnu's love for the double-leafed twigs of the holy basil plant and how He can be appeased by offering the holy basil twigs coupled with the chanting of hymns. Lord Vishnu's incarnations too exhibited His love for this plant.
  • CANADA: ISKCON Vancouver Turns Temple into a Forest of Devotion
    On May 26 the temple room of ISKCON Vancouver will be transformed into a sacred grove resembling Vrindavana, Lord Krishna's abode, as devotees celebrate the Maha Tulsi Puja Festival, or the "great Tulasi worship festival."