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  • ISKCON Leicester Devotees Participate in Hindu Muslim Friendship Meals

    In the U.K., devotees from ISKCON Leicester’s congregation joined a total of nearly twenty families for a groundbreaking scheme called ‘Come Dine Together,’ designed to build friendships and understanding between Hindus and Muslims.

  • ISKCON Reaches Out to Muslim Community

    A recent Pew Research Center survey found that Muslims in the United States currently face the most discrimination of any group, with unlawful profiling, exclusionary immigration policies and hate crimes on the rise. In this environment some ISKCON members are reaching out to their brothers and sisters in the Muslim community.

  • This Heaven for Cows Is Run by Muslims

    The cow shelter is the region's biggest and is operated by the Muslim Educational and Welfare Society of Jodhpur. Over 200 cows, most of them old and sick, are taken care off here by a team of veterinarian doctors

  • Vaishnavas and Muslims Discuss Peacebuilding in 5th Annual Dialogue

    The fifth annual Vaishnava-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue was held on Saturday April 19th this year in the Washington D.C. area. After covering topics such as the name of God and “What do we Love When We Love Our God?” during previous years’ meetings, this year’s focused on peace and peacebuilding within the Vaishnava and Muslim traditions. Twenty participants attended, including professors, scholars and religious leaders.

  • Fourth Annual Vaishnava-Muslim Dialogue Studies “Sacred Aesthetics”
    More than twenty scholars and practitioners, ten each from the Islamic and the Vaishnava Hindu traditions, spent a day together at a park-like retreat center just outside of Washington, D.C. on Saturday April 13 for an in depth discussion of “Sacred Aesthetics.”
  • Vaishnavas and Muslims Get to the Bottom of Things

    On May 2, devotees from ISKCON Bengaluru engaged in an interfaith dialogue with followers of Dr. Zakir Naik at the Salaam Center, a center for Islamic Studies in Jayanagar, Bangalore.