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  • Jayadvaita Swami Book Wins Benjamin Franklin Award

    Vanity Karma, a new book by ISKCON guru Jayadvaita Swami, has been presented with the 2016 Benjamin Franklin gold award by the Independent Book Publishers Association. Published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, it won best book of the year in the category of “religion.” The award was presented on April 8th at in Salt Lake City, Utah. The book, subtitled “Ecclesiastes, the Bhagavad-gita, and the Search for the Meaning of Life,” explores two profound wisdom texts – one a book from the Old Testament of the Bible, the other Lord Krishna’s words to Arjuna.

  • Interview with a New York Monk - Jayadvaita Swami

    Is life on earth pointless? It seems we spend it working hard for “vanity” — for nothing better than vapour —KC SOC (UK) presents a special interview with Jayadavaita Swami based on the meaning of life and his new book, 'Vanity Karma'.

  • Vanity Karma Book Trailer

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  • From Kohelet to Krishna

    This is a story about the big questions, among them: “What profit hath man of all his labour wherein he laboureth under the sun? That’s from the beginning book of Ecclesiastes — Kohelet in Hebrew — read in synagogues this Shabbat of Sukkot. a Jayadvaita Swami's book, “Vanity Karma,”  looks at Kohelet through the lens of Hindu teachings.

  • New Book Vanity Karma Explores the Meaning of Life

    In his new book Vanity Karma: Ecclesiastes, the Bhagavad-gita, and the Search for the Meaning of Life, ISKCON guru and BBT trustee Jayadvaita Swami explores the works that set him on his spiritual path in the hopes that they may help others on theirs. “Both books deal with questions crucial to the life of an intelligent human being,” he says.