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Articles tagged as Vedas

  • On Disability

    Hinduism contains probably the most lucid exposition of the distinction between body, mind and soul; and it also asserts that each of us should have the opportunity to enjoy good health, the full span of life and the use of all our physical and mental faculties. These philosophical issues are often assumed to be opposing and, indeed, some individuals may be extreme in their personal outlook.

  • Alien Identities in the Vedic Hindu scriptures

    The purpose of Radha Mohan Das' presentations is to ultimately explore the Srimad Bhagavatam’s paradigm of a universe teeming with life, as well as discuss works such as the Vaimanika Sastra and the Samaranga Sutradhara. Within Alien Identities, he draws parallels between modern UFO related phenomena and the ancient world - -  Presenting the astronomical and anthropological aspects of scriptures in the Vedic tradition,  in an accessible way that can be appreciated by Krishna devotees and also enthusiasts on the related subjects.

  • The God Delusion Debate - Sivarama Swami and Dr Chetna Kang

    Dr. Dr Chetna Kang (Cit Shakti Dasi) interviewed and challenged Sivarama Swami on the authority of the Vedas and personal form of God at a Pandava Seni Alumni program in the UK.

  • Vedic Recitations in a Christian Church on Thanksgiving

    Recitations from ancient Sanskrit scriptures will reverberate in a Christian church in Nevada on the occasion of coming Thanksgiving eve service.