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  • “Vedic Stories for Children” CD a Hit With Parents and Kids

    Vedic Stories for Children Volume 2, a CD produced by the world-renowned Bhaktivedanta Players, was launched during the Diwali and Annakut festivals at Bhaktivedanta Manor in England.

  • Bhaktivedanta Vedic Library Offers Free Spiritual Resources for Newcomers, Families and Preachers

    The newly-launched Bhaktivedanta Vedic Library, offers audiobooks of ISKCON Founder-Acharya Srila Prabhupada’s works for free, to stream or download onto your laptop, smartphone or other electronic device. It also offers helpful introductory video guides on various elements of the process of Krishna consciousness.

  • ToVP Kartika Announcement

    The TOVP team is providing an opportunity to offer a lamp in your name to Sri Sri Radha Madhava in Mayapur for the entire month of Kartika. All devotees who donate a minimum of one Golden Brick for the TOVP project will have a Kartika lamp offered in their name in Sri Dhama Mayapur.

  • Searching For Vedic India Available as E-book

    An updated edition of  Searching For Vedic India by Devamrita Swami is now available as an e-book in all flavors at The sages of India’s lost past delighted in knowledge of the nonmaterial. But they testified that they also knew how to produce material benefits without industry. Dare we consider that the subcontinent of India, thousands of years ago, was the center of the greatest spiritual wisdom and mystical technology that Earth has seen?

  • New Book Traces Science Advances to Ancient Asian Culture

    “Modern science and medicine would be unrecognizable, and far more primitive, without the immense contribution of the ancient Hindus.” 

  • 4,000 Year Old Vishnu Statue Discovered in Vietnam

    A recent news report from Vietnam features an exquisite and very ancient sculpture of Lord Vishnu. The significance of this discovery cannot be overestimated.

  • Service Opportunities at Rupanuga Vedic College

    Rupanuga Vedic College (RVC) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, is in the initial stages of developing an online college. RVC will be looking for key staff to assist in the development and launch of the online college.

  • New Illustrated Guide Promises Detailed Look at The Vedic Universe
    Two second generation ISKCON devotees—Rasikananda Fitch and Jagannath Cassidy—are following in the footsteps of their parents and engaging their friends to create brand new devotional art for a modern age.
  • Not Newton, but Madhava!

    Prof K Ramasubramanian of IIT-Bombay has some interesting news. His recently released two-volume translation of the Ganita-Yukti-Bhasa by Jyesthdeva points to the fact that some subsets of calculus existed in Indian manuscripts almost two centuries before Isaac Newton published his work. And that an Indian mathematician and astronomer Nilakantha Somayaji spoke, in parts, about a planetary model, credited to Tycho Brahe almost a century later.