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Articles tagged as Vision

  • Developing Spiritual Vision Through Books

    Srila Prabhupada’s book gave me access to saints and sages, who at every step in my life ever since I’ve felt their presence and guidance through the instruction they’ve laid in these book for humanity.

  • How to Become Qualified to See God?

    Many a times we come across people who challenge us by asking, If God exists then why can’t we see him? But there are so many things in this world which we can’t see but we believe in its existence. 

  • Courage to Dream – Courage to Hand our Dream over to Krishna

    Achievers often talk about the courage needed to dream big and to work untiringly for actualizing the dream.

  • Learning from a Tree

    In any area of human life, when someone begins an endeavour  – especially one they hope will endure for a long time, they are, in effect, planting a seed. By their aspirations, their vision of the final result, and by their determination, they plant a seed. And, provided the conditions are right, it will grow.

  • Krishna Can Bring Good Out Of Everything - Even Our Mistakes

    Sometimes when we commit mistakes, we may become embarrassed, irritated or enraged with ourselves. If we become excessively disturbed, that often becomes a second mistake.